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Game-day fun

Gear up for The Game with a toughie of a quiz on the history of the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry. And for the iconic matchup on Nov. 25, print a set of our exclusive bingo boards to keep things as competitive at your game watch as they are on the field.

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Take the Ohio State vs. Michigan quiz

As we prep for the teams’ 114th meeting, Ohio State alumnus and football expert Jack Park offers a quiz on this unparalleled rivalry.

A. 1962. The score was 28-0 at Ohio Stadium.

A. 3-0-1.

A. The Buckeyes and Wolverines battled to a 13-13 tie in Columbus in 1992.

A. 4-5-1.

A. 1959. Michigan beat Ohio State that year at Michigan Stadium, 23-14.

A. 1974. Placekicker Tom Klaban kicked four field goals of 47, 25, 43 and 45 yards for a Buckeye home victory of 12-10 over the Wolverines.

A. 2016. Ohio State defeated Michigan 30-27 in double overtime after trailing 10-7 at the half.

A. Michigan won 9-3.

A. In 2006, No. 1 Ohio State (11-0) defeated No. 2 Michigan (11-0) 42-39 in Columbus. It is the only time the two rivals entered the game as the nation’s two top teams.

A. Ohio State defeated Michigan 42-41 at Ann Arbor in 2013. The only other showdown decided by a single point: 1926, when Michigan defeated Ohio State 17-16 in Columbus.

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