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A year that changed our world

Explore the lessons and legacy of 1968 through the stories of alumni and faculty who were on campus during that pivotal year.

The Buckeyes play in the Jan. 1, 1969, Rose Bowl

A year of tragedy and triumph

The events of 1968, both at Ohio State and across the nation, were extraordinary.

John Sidney Evans

Video: John Sidney Evans '70

Evans describes the aftermath of the April 26, 1968, protest at Ohio State and how he reflects on his role in it, 50 years later.

Video: Ohio State President Michael V. Drake

Drake reflects on the historic moment of 1968 and on the opportunity to thank the former students for paving the way for future generations.

Police outside the Administration Building in 1968

Video: Students protest on the Oval in 1968

Will you recognize a classmate or professor in this film of a protest on the Oval in 1968?

Ohio State alumnus and retired administrator Bill Shkurti

Video: WOSU’s “Columbus Neighborhoods”

View an episode of "Columbus Neighborhoods" about Columbus in the Vietnam War era, featuring commentary from alumnus and retired administrator Bill Shkurti.

Marine Corps recruiters and protesters at Ohio State in 1968

Letters to the editor: Voices from 1968

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the events of 1968 that shaped both Ohio State and the nation, we’re dedicating this edition’s letters to the editors to voices from that year.