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The Midland Theater in Newark

Garrett Martin

Music and market mingle in Newark

Mayor Jeff Hall ’03 MBA celebrates the history of Newark while reminding us that this is a city invigorated to appeal to the younger set. The city’s still-active 1800s courthouse sits in the town square and is surrounded by a pedestrian friendly downtown alive with nightlife and weekend traffic. Newark has created an environment where, Hall says, you can suggest to your spouse, “Honey, let’s go downtown, walk around and decide where to eat.” Thanks to $110 million in public and private renovations, people are visiting Newark for music, history, sports, shopping and more.

Where to stay

Newark’s Cherry Valley Lodge is the only hotel in the country that boasts an arboretum and botanical garden on its grounds. The 200-room hotel is undergoing a $10 million renovation that will add event space and create an Ohio theme.

Where to eat

On Tuesday and Friday evenings from May through early October, the block-long Canal Market District offers the tastes of more than 50 vendors. Not only is the food — some fresh, some prepared — distinctly local, so is the live music.

And don’t miss

Architecture fans pilgrimage to Newark to see Louis Sullivan’s “jewel box” bank building. Nearby is another architectural and historic treasure, the 1800s Licking County Jail. For something a little more active, check out The Works, Newark’s history, art and science center.