The Ohio State University Alumni Association

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Glass and metal plaques bearing the names of alumni award winners from the past 60 years are featured in the Alumni Awards Garden, adjacent to Longaberger Alumni House.

We find power in association

From the very beginning, Ohio State alumni were committed to come together to serve their university, its students, their communities and one another. They still are.


alumni who comprised Ohio State’s first graduating class in 1878 reunited a year later to create what would become The Ohio State University Alumni Association.


regional clubs connect Buckeyes all over the world, from New York City to Shanghai.


alumni societies center on the varied and vibrant interests of graduates.


alumni association events connected and inspired alumni last year.

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alumni serve as Buckeye Advocates, working to influence public policy, shape Ohio State’s future and raise awareness of issues that impact the Buckeye community.


volunteers brought positive change to communities across the country during Buckeyes Give: Month of Service in April.


was the amount, in today’s dollars, that alumni raised to build Ohio Stadium, which opened in 1922.


was the nest egg alumni clubs and societies raised for student scholarships last year, continuing a long history of Buckeyes helping Buckeyes.


marked the opening of Longaberger Alumni House, which gives alumni a place to call home.


countries were explored during trips led by Alumni Tours last year.

Welcome home 

Members like you are the engine of The Ohio State University Alumni Association. Whether you’re near campus or on the other side of the world, the alumni association helps all Buckeyes, from passionate to inquisitive, stay involved. Just some of the ways you can connect with fellow Buckeyes through the association: volunteer and mentoring opportunities, club and society membership, special events, networking, career coaching and Ohio State Alumni Magazine.


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Linda Crossley ’73 studied journalism at Ohio State. She began editing Ohio State Alumni Magazine in 1984 and retired as vice president for communications in 2006. Kaylee Harter is a student at Ohio State and is the 2019–20 editor of The Lantern.