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Jo McCulty

Our traditions transcend

Celebrate Buckeyes’ unparalleled resilience during these extraordinary times.

Crisp, colorful fall days are here again! We are getting back to some of our favorite campus activities — football and singing “Carmen” together, for instance — while shaping what comes next. Buckeyes have surely shown we can adapt, overcome and celebrate the important moments in life together. Ohio State alumni are lifelong learners. The excitement, curiosity and constant need to evolve that we felt as students continues to be cultivated. We value our beloved university traditions while we look to the future.

Our commitment to paying forward exemplifies this perfectly. This oldest and most beloved tradition of helping others shows our farsightedness, our dedication to making tomorrow brighter for all, including generations of Ohio State students.

From the moment students step onto campus and join our Ohio State family, a web of support is woven around them, connecting them to students of the past. Our alumni never hesitate to lend a hand, to reach out and bring others along.

In that spirit, there are examples throughout this issue of alumni guiding students on their chosen pathways. When Charles Muse ’13 expressed interest in mentoring, the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering put him in touch with students who have been grateful to tap into his knowledge of the field. Merijn van der Heijden ’97 MFA uses art to convene community conversations and builds students’ confidence and experience by connecting them with alumni.

You’ll find a photo essay featuring some of the people and pet patients benefiting from the new Frank Stanton Veterinary Spectrum of Care Clinic. This innovative space is an ideal setting for the seven faculty members of the primary care team — all Ohio State alumni — to inspire and coach our fourth-year veterinary students.

I’m sure it will warm your heart to see all the ways our alumni are supporting today’s students. Maybe you’d like to be a mentor as well. After all, what we learn and share as Buckeyes can change the world.

Brighten the future

Are you interested in mentoring a student or assisting in other ways? Let us help you explore the options. Drop us an email at, call 800-678-6355 or join AlumniFire, a grassroots networking community for Buckeyes.