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Recent graduate Taylor DeJesus ascended to new heights at Ohio State.

When Taylor DeJesus pictured the perfect job, she envisioned one that put a premium on problem solving.

The computer science major, who graduated in December, will start work as a software engineer at a Virginia company this spring and says she feels well prepared for the opportunities that lie ahead. “I’ve taken a lot of classes that teach really good problem-solving skills and just critical thinking in general.”

DeJesus used her time at Ohio State to solve new problems, embrace new challenges and make new friends through interests ranging from HTML coding to outdoor adventure as a member of the Ohio State Mountaineering Club. Her experiences were made possible through multiple scholarships, including one from The Ohio State University Alumni Club of Charleston (South Carolina).

Recent grad Taylor DeJesus scales a climbing wall at the university’s Adventure Recreation Center while climbing instructor David Roth belays.

Why did you major in computer science?

I started out in business, but business wasn’t my thing. I like computer science because it involves problem solving. It’s just fun, and I enjoy the challenge.

What do you hope to do in software development?

Become a project manager where you sort of design the solution to whatever problem comes up and figure out how you’re going to get your team through it.

Describe the outdoor adventure experiences you found through Ohio State.

I was really involved with the Mountaineering Club during my time here, and it was great. I actually maintained the website last year in addition to going on trips. It’s basically just kids who like to climb and a way for students to get outside. The club provides a lot of gear for kids to borrow, so kids can take part in outdoor adventure activities even if they normally don’t. A lot of junior and senior members lead trips we take. Each January, we travel to Mount Washington in New Hampshire and climb that. A main goal of the club is to teach students how to plan their own trips and how to be safe during the activities.

What was your favorite part about the Mountaineering Club?

The people. Those kinds of activities make it easy to make friends, because you must trust each other just to survive. You really have to trust the person who has the rope when you’re climbing, who has your life in their hands.

Why did you choose Ohio State?

I went to high school in South Carolina, but I grew up in New Hampshire and Massachusetts; I’ve kind of been all over the East Coast. I was first drawn to Ohio State because it seemed big and exciting. One of my co-worker’s daughters went here and told me I had to come visit, so we did and I really liked it. I liked that there are so many things to do outside of academics. I really felt like I could fit in here. Also, I started out in business, but I knew even then I wasn’t sure that was what I wanted. I liked that there are so many different majors you can choose from, and I wouldn’t have to transfer if I changed my mind about my major.

Tell us about your scholarship from the Alumni Club of Charleston.

They contacted me when I first accepted enrollment at Ohio State, and I was kind of shocked. They gave me about $2,000 a year, and it’s something I really appreciated. I also received scholarships through Ohio State, and getting those was one of the main reasons I chose the school. My scholarships meant I could come here, which was just fantastic!


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