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Golden celebration

More than 300 people turned out May 14 for University Archives’ 50th anniversary celebration, which featured the 50 artifacts showcased in your March–April issue. Visitors also watched historical film footage, toured our stacks and had a chance to record their favorite Ohio State memory while sitting on Woody Hayes’ couch.

Calling the Archives staff “an unparalleled resource,” Provost Joseph Steinmetz said, “We are proud of the contributions you make to assist our university community, locally and globally.” We are pleased to have had such an impact, and we pledge to serve the university community as the official memory of Ohio State for years to come.

I want to thank everyone who attended our anniversary event and those who cheered from afar. And in particular, thank you to the alumni association and alumni magazine staff for your ongoing support.

On tap yet this year: a Founders Day observance on September 17 and a tribute to Brutus (who turns 50 in the fall). We also are building an endowment to fund special projects, such as digitizing all back issues of the alumni magazine.

Keep up through our blog, From Woody’s Couch, and contact us if we can assist in any way ( or 614-292-2409).

Tamar Chute
University archivist

Pressing question

It was interesting to learn of the College of Dentistry’s commendable Health Outreach Mobile Experience (HOME) Coach program featured in the May–June 2015 magazine.

There is one question, however, that must be asked: What are Ohio Medicaid recipients to do when they turn 18 years of age? Should they be forced to forgo proper dental hygiene because virtually no private-practice dentist in our area accepts Medicaid patients?

My brother, Dennis, after residing six-plus years in a nursing home and having depleted his life’s savings in so doing, is now on Medicaid. If it were not for the generosity of Ohio State alumnus Dr. Timothy Fisher, DDS, who has made an exception, Dennis would be forced to make this difficult choice.

Admittedly, dentists are not expected to work “pro bono” as some attorneys do. On the other hand, my sincere prayer is to spare me from the plight of a Medicaid recipient who really has very few palatable options available.

Penny Breniser Campbell ’74
Rossford, Ohio

Quick reminder

Regarding “Reflections on Free Speech Front spur conversation” (May–June 2015): Lest we forget Kent State.
Mary Hungerford Fitzsimmons ’48 (LM)
Sparta, Tennessee

And the winners are …

Regarding your request to identify the photo on page 25 of the May–June 2015 magazine: Sigma Chi fraternity sponsored a best legs contest, and perhaps the young lady pictured was a candidate for the honor. If not, she should have been.

Kathy Tann ’68

May Day was a blast! No. 9 is the best legs contest. I remember the candidates being in shorts, not heels and dresses.

Jacolynn Pryor Shrider ’68 (LM)

This was the best legs contest. They still did this into the ’70s. I know because I participated in 1976!

Michelle Gannon Smith ’77 (LM)
Sarasota, Florida

I very much enjoyed reading the recent article about May Week. I was May queen in 1951 (as a freshman). I think I enjoy (?) the distinction of being the only queen to be tossed into Mirror Lake just a few hours before the big dance. (Thank goodness for pony tails!) I had my first official date with a young man that night. We were married for nearly 58 years. I treasure those memories.

Sondra “Sandy” McNary Imes ’54
Zanesville, Ohio