The Ohio State University Alumni Association

Buckeye Room

Buckeye Room

Alumni are invited to provide input on the university and the alumni experience by participating in this new online forum.

Who doesn’t like to be asked their opinion? Now, Ohio State alumni have a new opportunity to share their views and influence university programs and priorities.

The Buckeye Room is a new initiative of the Ohio State Alumni Association that gives alumni a fun way to express themselves. Participation is open to all alumni, and it’s easy to sign up.

If you agree to take part, you’ll be asked to spend a few minutes each month engaging in a handful of survey questions via computer or phone. The questions are brief, taking about 10 minutes each time, and you will receive frequent reports on results.

Consider these benefits of participating:

Be influential: Weigh in about ideas and preview coming attractions. Inform changes and improvements to help shape exceptional Buckeye experiences.

Be in the know: Receive news and updates about the input received from the Buckeye Room and how it is used. See firsthand how your participation leads to real results.

Be appreciated: We are grateful for your time and input, and we look forward to saying “thank you” and sharing the progress that you make possible.

The time investment is small. But the payoff is big: a chance to help the university you love.

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