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Mirror Lake or the Oval? Ohio Stadium or Orton Hall? Now you can weigh in through a new Facebook poll.

It’s your turn:

Vote for your most beloved spot on campus.


Here’s what others have had to say:

Thompson Library

Top floor of Thompson Library. What a view!!!

Benjamin Dennis Bodie ’11

Ohio Stadium

For four years it was Ohio Stadium on Saturday afternoons. The Band. The Games.

John Matchison ’74 ’76

The Oval

The Oval. I lived on “sleepy” North Campus as a freshman. At first, it felt like it took forever to walk to a class on South Campus. As time went on, it became an enjoyable, open-air walk.

Dale Richmond ’88

Mirror Lake

My freshman year, I would sit on the grass by Mirror Lake and eat my lunch. Every time I’m back on campus, I spend a little time in that spot.

Julia Pond ’06

Buckeye Grove

There is truly nothing like Buckeye Grove.

Nick Smith

The tunnels

I attended 30 years ago and used the tunnels a lot in bad weather. My daughter attends now and has no idea what I’m talking about.

Laura Tanner Leitnick ’86