The Ohio State University Alumni Association

About 100 alumni helped students move in to their residence halls this fall. Talk about bringing back memories.

Glenna Zofcin and Pam Stile Wilson graduated decades apart, but they both loved living in Ohio State residence halls and wanted to help this fall’s first-year students feel at home from the start.

Working for the alumni association, I’m continually amazed by the passion of Buckeye alumni like Glenna and Pam, who wholeheartedly give back to their alma mater with their time and talents. I manage social media for the association, and I wanted to capture this dedication as about 100 alumni volunteers helped students get settled in August.

Alumni, many volunteering at their former campus homes, welcomed students and families with open arms.

Glenna, who graduated in 2014, volunteered at her former residence hall, Baker Hall East.

“My role was to be a friendly face, greet the families as they arrived and walk them through the procedure of unloading, checking in and parking,” she told me.

“It was a great experience, not only to work with current students and fellow alumni, but to welcome families to Ohio State and to a building that was my home on campus for two years.”

Luckily, she had personal experience to fall back on, as she notes in an  Instagram video.


Glenna Zofcin ’14 (second from left) and fellow volunteers welcomed families with a familiar pose.

Like Glenna, Pam was excited to volunteer at her former residence hall, Baker Hall West, where she lived from 1966 to 1968.

The 1970 grad told me that when she arrived on campus as a freshman, there were no carts or move-in crews. In fact, she and her roommates parked blocks away and made dozens of trips up and down the stairs with their belongings. Plus, she said, “there was a dress code for class and a curfew in the dorm.”

"When I found out that I could request a specific dorm, I didn’t hesitate,” she said of her volunteer assignment. "I was flooded with warm nostalgia of having lived in that space so many decades ago.”

Pam Stile Wilson

Pam Stile Wilson sits outside her former home, Baker Hall West, on move-in day 2015.

The alumni association’s Office of Volunteer Relations and university’s Office of Student Life coordinated this first opportunity for alumni to volunteer during move-in. But it won’t be the last: “We look forward to providing more meaningful ways for alumni to volunteer, including opportunities at next year’s move-in,” said Michell Domke, who directs the Office of Volunteer Relations.

So, I know you’re thinking, “How can I get in on the action?”

Alumni can visit for opportunities to volunteer throughout the year. If you’re interested in helping with move-in 2016, watch for email and web communications next July.

Michelle Morgan handles social media for The Ohio State University Alumni Association.