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A NutHouse beyond compare

But go ahead and try with this game of photo hide and seek.

Opposing basketball teams brave the sound and fury of the Buckeye NutHouse at their own risk. The student cheering section put the pressure on visiting Michigan State in early January as the Buckeyes topped the Spartans (then No. 1 in the nation) 80-64 before a raucous crowd. Now it's your turn to focus: Find the 16 differences between these two photos. Don't scroll down until you've found them (or you acknowledge you're stumped).

Ohio State basketball
Ohio State basketball

  1. “E” in STATE flipped
  2. New woman in crowd
  3. Wig added
  4. New man in crowd
  5. Head position changed
  6. New woman in crowd
  1. Sunglasses added
  2. New man in crowd
  3. “S” in HOUSE flipped
  4. Replaced “6” with “5”
  5. Hand position changed
  6. Eye black added
  1. Tie color changed
  2. “S” in SPARTANS flipped
  3. Eyes looking left
  4. Cup added