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Let's dance

1. Use it or lose it

Our bodies are made to move. Keeping them in motion is the key to health and wellness. Dance your way to good health.

2. Express yourself

Excel spreadsheets can take your self-expression only so far. Your body has something to say. We live in our bodies, and they shouldn’t be strangers.

3. Ditch the screens

Cell phones, computers, televisions, tablets, video games, yada, yada, yada. They make us stationary and stodgy. Too much screen time means too little movement. Give technology a rest. Get up and dance.

4. Choose physical fitness

Improve your strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination. With movement. To music.

5. Beat the (boring) treadmill

Treadmills go forward. Dancing goes forward, backward, side to side, up, down, over, under, around and through.

6. Liven up the next wedding

Tired of the Chicken Dance? Over the Hokey Pokey? Try salsa, swing or hip-hop, and you’ll wow those wedding revelers.

7. Clear your mind

Has work left you frenzied and frazzled? Gentle, restorative movement centers your mind, body and spirit.

8. Don’t worry, be happy

Walk past any of the 20 dance classes in Ohio State’s Department of Dance (not just for dance majors, by the way) and you will see smiling students.

9. Socialize, for real

Connect with others face to face. Not through social media. Not virtually. Get back to some genuine social interaction.

10. Release your inner Madonna

No one has witnessed your Queen of Pop moves? It’s time to share.

About the author

About the author

Susan Hadley

Susan Hadley danced professionally for 10 years before joining Ohio State in 1991. One of the premiere dance programs in the United States, the university's Department of Dance is at the forefront of contemporary dance. Writer Victoria Ellwood collaborated on this list.