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What music takes you back to your college days?

Turns out there's a lot of truth to the adage that the music of your teens and early 20s is the music of your lifetime

You know those songs — just one chord and you’re instantly transported back in time, to a place or a moment forever fused with that sound. According to the 200-plus responses we received to this question on Buckeye Room, that experience is just as common as it is beloved. You shared a flood of musical memories. We received answers from alumni who graduated across seven decades and who listened to a wild variety of music, from old-school folk and classic jazz to hip-hop and K-pop. When we read your answers, we couldn't help but listen to the songs you mentioned. And that led us to create a Spotify playlist of some of these musical memories. Enjoy the full playlist or sample a few selections below. Happy listening!

Listen: “Goodnight, Irene” by The Weavers

I hear this and I am back in The Tavern in the then-new Ohio Union in 1950–51, meeting friends for coffee between classes. Jane Young ’53

Listen: “Take Five” by Dave Brubeck Quartet

Back then, there was no stereo broadcast on FM, but they played the song simultaneously on FM and AM, so we tuned our radios to the two stations and listened in stereo. Michael Moore ’62

Listen: “I Feel Home” by O.A.R.

O.A.R. was THE band! ‘I Feel Home’ and ‘Hey Girl’ bring back good memories. Plus, one of my friends was dating Benj (the bassist), so we hung out with the band a few times. Groupies! Susan Scheel ’01

Listen: “Everybody” by SHINee

When I started college, I branched out with music. K-pop dominated the soundtrack of my life. My favorite artist was SHINee with songs like ‘Everybody’ and ‘Tell Me What to Do.’ Sena Albash ’18

Listen: “Lover” by Michael Stanley Band

‘Lover’ by Michael Stanley Band. It was the last-call song at Papa Joe’s. David Rutana ’84

Listen: “Rich Girl” by Hall and Oates

Spring 1977, ‘Rich Girl’ by Hall and Oates. Someone in Stradley Hall was blasting it out the dorm windows the first warm day. It always says spring to me now. Christine Morgan ’81