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Jo McCulty

Together, we are family

Our ‘big, boisterous Buckeye brood’ connects through shared experiences, common causes and a love of lifelong learning.

Family has played a major role in my Ohio State journey. For me, and I imagine for many of you, “family” can mean so many things: an immediate family unit, people on an extended family tree, friends with whom we are so close we’ve “chosen” them as family, those we have come to depend on for advice and mentorship.

Reading the stories in this issue of our alumni magazine, I can’t help but think about our big, boisterous, Buckeye brood of more than 580,000 living alumni. And, of course, the sound of Sister Sledge’s “We are Family” is running through my mind. The “family” connections we make at and through Ohio State — as students, alumni, staff, faculty and more — are meant to be celebrated, and this issue does a really nice job of that.

Pictured are the Calhouns, from left, Casey, Molly, Cody, Tom and Conner

The Calhouns are, from left, Casey, Molly, Cody, Tom and Conner.

Jo McCulty

You will meet the Tolliver sisters, three phenomenal first-generation grads who among them have earned nine Ohio State degrees. Their story demonstrates what a Buckeye legacy is all about and illustrates why the programs our university offers to young people and their families are so important.

You’ll also learn about nine alumni associated with the Young Scholars Program and the family-like bonds they formed with fellow YSP students, mentors and advocates. Their stories and accomplishments are so inspirational.

In addition, we highlight the vital role parents, grandparents and others who care for children play in kids’ educational development. Featuring advice from Ohio State’s own education experts, faculty and alumni alike, we look at how family engagement is always crucial to children’s development, not just during a pandemic.

I hope you enjoy this issue of the magazine. And I hope this plays in your head while you’re reading: We are family. I’ve got all my Buckeyes with me. I’m forever thankful for that.