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Lawrence Inks offers advice on building and maintaining a personal brand.

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How to build a personal brand

Expert advice from Lawrence Inks, clinical associate professor in Fisher College of Business

Hiring managers are just as likely to use the internet as a stack of résumés to snag just the right candidates. That’s why Lawrence Inks, a clinical associate professor at Fisher College of Business, says it can help to strategically share your personal brand with the internet.

Take time to reflect 

“Personal branding is really you defining for other people what you stand for, what you’d be like to work with,” says Inks, an expert in talent acquisition. Identifying that brand requires honest self-reflection. Consider your values and your passions.

Feeling social?

Once you know your product — you — think about how you’re going to communicate that with others, both implicitly and explicitly. “If it’s done in an inauthentic way,” Inks says, “it comes off as smarmy.” Use Twitter or write a blog. The more your field interacts with the public, the more this active kind of personal branding can help.

Head outside

If you know who you are but need help expressing that, lean on a career advisor or check out a guide such as Twitter for Dummies. (Check out the alumni association’s career coaching.)

Pause before posting

Just remember, guard your brand, Inks says. Everything you put on social media is a presentation of yourself. Don’t ruin that brand you spend a lifetime developing with a shortsighted click.

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