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Jim Pinchak, a clinical associate professor in the Department of Educational Studies, suggests a practical approach to evaluating whether you're ready for a job change.

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How to know you’re ready for career change

Practical approaches to finding a new professional pathway

Changing jobs is far more common than in previous generations. What questions should you weigh when considering a change? Jim Pinchak, clinical associate professor in the Department of Educational Studies, has advice.

Are your needs being met?

“Many of us are willing to change jobs and occupations to get our needs met. In a perfect world, we all should cultivate opportunities to leave for greener pastures,” Pinchak says.

Look for patterns 

“We take skills with us and apply them in new settings,” Pinchak says. Teachers often have a passion for helping others. So teachers looking to change vocations might then look for jobs that still allow them to help others.

Leverage your network

“Many people underestimate the transferability of their communication and technology skills. A well-rounded degree from Ohio State allows our alumni to change jobs without extensive training or retraining,” Pinchak says.

Keep learning and networking 

Pinchak encourages alumni to maintain and expand the networks they began here on campus to find available jobs and career development opportunities. He adds, “Career development is a lifelong process that is ‘womb to tomb.’ We all must become lifelong learners.”

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