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What it means to be a Buckeye

Welcome to the first online installment of the quarterly letter from alumni association President and CEO Molly Ranz Calhoun. These letters previously appeared only in the alumni magazine’s print edition. We hope it’ll be a welcome addition to the website and a fresh opportunity for you to connect with your alma mater.

New alumni association President and CEO Molly Ranz Calhoun begins her tenure by sharing an inspiring story about the spirit and determination of one student.

All Buckeyes have their own unique paths that make them distinctly qualified to make a difference. This might be in the workplace, in a volunteer role or simply in moving through daily life exhibiting those qualities we so proudly associate with Buckeyes. As your new alumni association president and CEO, I feel honored to get to tell such stories, especially those of alumni supporting the broader Buckeye community by touching the lives of students, staff, faculty, parents and patients in especially meaningful ways.

I was privileged to work with one such person, Cornelius Doe, in Student Life. Cornelius is in Housekeeping, and since COVID-19 struck, he has been working in the residence halls to assist students who are unable to go home. Originally from Ghana, Cornelius joined Ohio State five years ago. Being far from his own home, he can relate to students’ experiences living away from their loved ones, and he puts this knowledge to use every day to support students in our residence halls.

In addition to being a staff member, Cornelius is a new alum: He earned his bachelor’s degree in education in May. Classrooms are on his horizon, but not one to teach in — yet. He’ll begin working toward his master’s degree in the fall. If he could gift current and future students anything at all, he says he would choose determination and motivation.

“Fight for what is important to you,” he advises. “Never give up.” That is such good guidance for all of us.

So, I ask you, when you think about what it means to be a Buckeye, what traits or skills would you encourage students to acquire or grow, especially in these unprecedented times? I am interested to hear your suggestions, which you can email to me at

When I think about Cornelius’ contributions and accomplishments, and what all the people of our university are doing to lead the way at this time, I truly have never been prouder to be a Buckeye. Ours is a collective of inspiring and giving individuals, as you’ll see over and over as you turn these pages.

I wish you and your loved ones well. My thoughts are with all of you.

In Firm Friendship,

Molly Ranz Calhoun ’86
President and CEO
The Ohio State University Alumni Association

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What traits or skills would you encourage students to acquire or grow?
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