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Cara Reed

How The Lantern shines on

Hear from student journalists at The Lantern about how they continued informing students and covering events through the COVID-19 outbreak.

In the spring edition of Ohio State Alumni Magazine, we shared a collection of stories about The Lantern, Ohio State’s respected student media outlet. During what at the time was a typical semester, we took you inside the newsroom to meet the editors and follow their decisions. We dug into the 140-plus-year history of the newspaper and visited with alumni who have made their marks in journalism and elsewhere. We intended to create a companion video to those stories, so you could see this beautiful, pressured labor in action. That approach was not to be. We — and those hardworking editors — were waylaid by a pandemic. We all kept working, for sure, but we also went through the same painful, halting adjustment period you experienced. Weeks after we had planned to share a video story with you, the original concept was, well, no longer reality. What story was there to tell? An even more amazing one than we could have imagined.

Those Lantern editors plugged into Zoom like the rest of us and kept going. They kept creating printed newspapers (wow, is this hard to do), publishing on the website and social media channels, and producing podcast episodes and broadcast stories. They became a lifeline to Ohio State for students, the majority of whom headed home, during weeks and months in which the story changed rapidly and haphazardly. They absorbed all those crazy curveballs and smoothed them out for their audience.

The sweeping protests against racism and for social justice have proven the mettle of these journalists anew. Lantern journalists — think for a moment about doing this as an undergraduate student — have bravely displayed their credentials to police officers in full riot gear, and they have been pepper sprayed for trying to bear witness.

There are more stories to tell about these students and their commitment to their work. For now, though, we are proud to share the video story that did emerge from the spring 2020 semester — filmed, produced and edited by staff videographer Cara Reed.

Cara Reed

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