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Boom. Live your best years.

Hey, baby boomers. What an impressive crowd you are. Outnumbering every generation that came before, you have forever redefined what it means to be alive — at every stage of life. At Ohio State, you make up a third of all alumni. Here, stories and advice from a few of you reflect your generation’s unshakable determination to keep growing, innovating and connecting.

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Curiosity in high supply

Program 60 participants are seniors of a different sort, and they’re pushing boundaries in classes across Ohio State.

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Does your encore await?

Baby boomer Carol Ventresca advises job seekers in the later stages of their working lives.

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Words of inspiration

Linda Stern Kass ’78 MA, owner of Gramercy Books in Bexley, Ohio, suggests boomers consider these books to fuel their passion for lifelong learning.

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Risks net rewards

Karen Rinaldi ’83, author of the new book (It’s Great to) Suck at Something, celebrates freedom in failure.

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Taking aim at a dream

Rod Spittle put his pro golf aspirations on hold for almost three decades. Then, in his late 40s, he decided to shoot for the stars.

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More smart moves

Three learning opportunities built just for boomers

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Advice from a pro

How to compete in the job market at 50, 60 and beyond