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You can knit this hat. Yes, you can!

Jo McCulty

Knit wit

Soured on sourdough? Plum out of puzzles? Never fear, your next pandemic hobby is here. These alumnae created this Buckeye-themed hat pattern for you, just in time for the chilly days of winter.

Knitting has been an off-and-on hobby for Ruth Gerstner ’75 and Gemma McLuckie ’75. In 2020, it has most definitely been back on.

Head-and-shoulders illustrations of two smiling women, one with short reddish hair, cat-eye glasses and a red scarf, and the other with silvery hair, rectangular glasses and a slate-blue button-up shirt

Gemma McLuckie and Ruth Gerstner

Michael Hoeweler

“For a while I was just doing socks and the occasional scarf or hat,” McLuckie says. “Lately I’ve done three or four baby sweaters and hats, and now I’m working on a very large sweater for my grandson, who’s 22 and a football player.”

McLuckie retired from the College of Education and Human Ecology in 2015, and Gerstner retired from the Office of Student Life in 2011, both of them in communications, doing a lot of writing and editing. They met earlier in their careers, while working in University Communications. “For quite a few years, Gemma lived just a block away,” Gerstner says. “Since she’s moved away I don’t see her as much. This little project was nice.”

The “little project” is this hat, complete with pompom, to keep your fingers busy first and your head toasty second.

Gerstner and McLuckie share an approach to knitting that’s not too serious (though they are both accomplished knitters and McLuckie won a blue ribbon at the Ohio State Fair for a sweater) and spiked with humor. Gerstner has a parting piece of advice: “Knit more for the experience and less about whether it’s perfect.”

Keep scrolling to download a plain-language pattern, created by Gerstner, and view a video of McLuckie demonstrating techniques.

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Start the project!

Make a scarlet and gray hat for yourself or a loved one. Knitting beginner? You've got this! The pattern by Ruth Gestner ’75 is written with you in mind. And don't sleep on her helpful hints at the end.

Download PDF

Video tutorial with Gemma McLuckie

Follow along as Gemma McLuckie ’75, an Ohio State Fair blue-ribbon knitter, walks you through the key steps in making our Buckeye hat. Watch one step, pause and then return to the video for subsequent steps. The techniques demonstrated are: cast on, color change, knit 2 together stitch, seam closure and weaving in loose ends.

Videography: Jo McCulty; Editing: Cara Reed