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The Versatile PhD consists of a supportive online community that is free to use, as well as a premium content area that is not free. The Lhota Office of Alumni Career Management in partnership with the Graduate School has purchased a subscription to the premium content area so you may have free access to both.


  • Get support from a community that includes PhDs from outside the academy
  • Learn about many non-academic career options for masters and PhD graduates and explore them in depth
  • See authentic examples of successful resumes and cover letters for a first job — real documents, not made up examples.

Do all this in complete confidentiality. You control your profile, and no one at Ohio State or any other university will know you are participating.

How to use the service

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Founded by Paula Chambers, a PhD alumna in English from Ohio State, the Versatile PhD is a web-based resource that provides a confidential community for graduate students to network and to explore resources relevant to this type of career exploration. The key concept is versatility: the ability to apply skills and interests in a wide variety of careers, so that alumni with PhDs have options both in and outside of academia.

Job search strategies

Job seekers are spending hours on the web looking for new career opportunities. The large job boards (, have the most postings and cover many career fields. However, the competition is fierce and very few people secure jobs solely through these Internet job boards.

To increase your chances for success, refine your search for open positions by focusing on specific professions, geographic locations, or keywords. Consider using niche sites that specialize in occupations, industries or type of job seeker (i.e., MBAs, consultants, educators new graduates).

Visit websites of professional associations in your field that may contain links to employers, job postings and networking events.


Use the resources below to find useful information to aid you in your job search.

Domestic and international job boards

Going Global is database which contains country-specific career and employment resources for more than 90 locations. Researched by in-country career experts and updated annually, Going Global is an excellent source for finding opportunities abroad.

Non-profit Jobs


Additional job links

Resume Assistance


The job interview is considered by employers to be the most important criteria when hiring a new employee. It is where you get–or lose–the job. The purpose of an interview is to exchange information. The employer wants to discuss your qualifications and determine if you will be a good fit for their company. The interviewee needs to understand the expectations of the company and position. you must be prepared to answer and ask questions during the interview. Know your professional contributions to previous employers, your personal qualities, and information about the company conducting the interview. Additional information:

Salary Calculators


A valuable career search tool is networking, which is purposefully developing relationships with others. The focus is on gathering information, not getting a job. Networking should be done during the career exploration, during the job search, and after obtaining a position. The contacts you make today may help you find a job now and in the future. If you maintain your network throughout your career, you may never need to look for a job again–employers will come looking for you!

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