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Jim Fowler

Jim Fowler: Ohio State math maven

Fowler is an Ohio State faculty member who is taking a creative approach to teaching and learning. From YouTube to TED talks, here are 5 things you should know about the numbers aficionado.

Sun security

Skip the sunburn

With the weather getting nicer and people spending more time outside, these scientifically sound suggestions will help keep you safe from harmful UV rays.

Grandfather and grandson

A Carmen Ohio beyond compare

As one of the lucky few who get to play the Orton Hall chimes, Drew Squires delivers the gift of a lifetime to his grandfather.

Job fair

Dream job, meet reality

Looking to make a career change? Chasing down that dream job? These experts are here to tell you how to find the perfect position and then nail the interview.


Buckeyes through your eyes: #MyOhioState

Campus photo

Jared Gandelot, junior, majoring in environmental policy and decision making.

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