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A Diversity Action Plan for The Ohio State University

June 30, 2000

Here is the final report of the Diversity Action Committee, which was submitted to us earlier this month. We would like to commend Dean Carole Anderson and Vice President David Williams, co-chairs, and the rest of the members of the committee for their hard work and diligence in producing a thoughtful and substantive document. The report contains many excellent ideas, which deserve our careful review, and it provides for us a solid foundation for action in the months and years ahead.

We have decided to release the document for your review at this time. We are fully aware that many people who are deeply interested in this report and in advancing diversity at Ohio State may not now be on campus because of other summer duties and activities. We believe, however, that the need to continue the diversity dialogue and to maintain our momentum is best served by releasing the document now in order to give you and your colleagues time before autumn quarter to review it and to formulate your own plans for carrying forth the diversity objective during the 2001 academic year. The committee's report will be posted on the web, summarized in onCampus, and highlighted in OSUToday at this time. We plan to engage in a more aggressive distribution of the report in the fall to ensure that it receives the widest possible attention. We, likewise, will use the summer months to study the document and to formulate our own plans for the academic year and beyond. In particular, by the beginning of autumn quarter, we will identify specific programs and initiatives that will be targeted for funding and/or reorganization during the coming academic year as part of our effort to realize the goals of the diversity action plan.

We are deeply committed to diversity for many reasons; principal among them are:

  1. The quality of education and scholarship is enhanced when it is informed by the perspectives of a diverse community.
  2. Support for diversity is an affirmation of each individual's intrinsic value and of that person's potential or actual contribution to social/political/economic improvement. Moreover, a diverse environment tests, shapes, and educates each of us to more fully realize our potential.
  3. A student entering the 21st Century world must be prepared to interact successfully with people from all backgrounds and races. Ohio State has an obligation to create an environment in which this interaction can occur.
  4. In order to succeed, businesses, institutions, and governments must have talented individuals who can excel in diverse settings.
  5. Just as Ohio State wishes to be among the best universities in the nation, it also wishes to be an exemplar of diversity in higher education. We aren't there yet.

With these points in mind, and as you review the Diversity Action Committee report, we would like you to prepare by Friday, September 22, your plan for advancing diversity within your college or administrative unit during FY01. Of particular interest to us are the plans by the deans on how you will recruit and hire faculty members from underrepresented groups as part of your agenda for the coming academic year. The provost will distribute specific guidelines for deans' agendas within the next two weeks that will include a summary of hiring patterns for FY00. As in the past, the deans' agendas will form the basis for assessing progress at the end of the academic year. Please submit all of these plans to Ed Ray on or before the September 22 deadline.

Brit Kirwan and Ed Ray

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