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Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching

Previous Recipients 1970-1980

(Presented at First Annual Awards Banquet at Faculty Club 4/80)
Kevin L. Alexander - College of Optometry
Donald R. Bateman - Academic Faculty of Humanities Educ.
Daryle H. Busch - Department of Chemistry
George P. Ecker - Academic Faculty of Educal. Admin.
Gary L. Floyd - Department of Botany
Derek Horton - Department of Chemistry
Terry F. Pettijohn - Department of Psychology
Joseph E. Scott - Department of Sociology

Bennett D. Baack - Department of Economics
John B. Hough - Dept. of Educal. Foundations and Research
Robert E. Jewett - Department of Humanities Education
Thomas M. Ludwick - Department of Dairy Science
Wilma K. Meckstroth - Department of Chemistry, Newark
Henry J. Schmidt - Department of German
Sara J. Van den Berg - Division of Comparative Studies
Francis E. Walker - Dept. of Agric. Econ. & Rural Soc.

Charlette R. Gallagher - Medical Dietetics Division
W. James Harper - Department of Food Sci. & Nutrition
Marlene Longenecker - Department of English
Joseph H. Lynch - Department of History
George R. St. Pierre - Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering
Merritt Roe Smith - Department of History
Gisela M. Vitt - Department of German
Douglas J. Whaley - College of Law

William L. Berry - Academic Faculty of Mgmt. Science
Vera Blaine - Department of Dance
Joan Gritzmacher - Dept. of Home Economics Education
Thomas Hayes - Department of Anatomy
George Kalbouss - Dept. of Slavic Lang. & Literatures
Donald P. Sanders - Academic Faculty of Educ. Development
Helen Swank - Division of Music Education
Carole Widick - Academic Faculty of Special Services

G. Adolph Ackerman - Department of Anatomy
Robert H. Bremner - Department of History
John V. Chidley - School of Allied Medical Professions
David O. Frantz - Department of English
LeRoy J. Krajewski - Academic Faculty of Management Science
Rodney F. Plimpton, Jr. - Department of Animal Science
David Shapiro - Department of Economics
Ralph W. Swain Department of Indus. & Systems Eng.

John B. Allred - Department of Food Science & Nutrition
Nora Ching - Department of East Asian Languages
Julia I. Dalrymple - College of Home Economics
Angela F. D'Ambrosia - Department of Theatre
Philip C. Kozel - Department of Horticulture
John F. Sena - Department of English
John J. Slain - College of Law
Karl K. Stevens - Department of Mechanical Engineering

Naomi M. Allenbaugh - School of HPER
Neil J. Andrew - Department of Natural Resources
Barbara Rigney - Department of Comparative Literature
Arnold E. Ross - Department of Mathematics
Ronald C. Smith - Department of Horticulture
Clarence E. Taft - Department of Botany
Douglas A. Wolfe - Department of Statistics
David A. Wolff - Department of Microbiology

Martha Brian - School of Journalism
George J. Demko - Department of Geography
Dorothy Jackson - Department of Psychology
James R. Kincaid - Department of English
Wayne P. Lawson - Department of Comparative Literature
Ross L. Mooney - Department of Educational Development
Vincent T. Ricca - Department of Civil Engineering
Dana F. Vibberts - Department of Photography & Cinema

Barbara N. Armstrong - College of Home Economics
Pierre Astier - Department of Romance Languages
Robert L. Chazan - Department of History
Charlotte S. Huck - Department of Educ. Theory & Practice
Marlin L. Languis - Department of Educ. Theory & Practice
Grayce M. Sills - College of Nursing
J. Robert Warmbrod - Department of Agricultural Education
William B. Shook - Department of Ceramic Engineering

Johanna S. Belkin - Department of German
Jack H. Cline - Department of Animal Science
Paul A. Colinvaux - Department of Zoology
William F. Cowen, Jr. - School of Natural Resources
David Hothersall - Department of Psychology
Hollis N. Matson - School of HPER
B. William Poland - School of Music
Morgan E. Shipman - College of Law

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