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A cornucopia of research

November 19, 2012

The holidays bring a big focus on food--but for Ohio State researchers, food safety is a yearlong job.

As the holiday season approaches, kitchens begin to bustle and one question often reigns supreme: What's for dinner?

Regardless of the answer, Ohio State is hard at work to ensure food is safe and healthful. Among its tasks: pioneering salmonella-free eggs and developing a juice that may help prevent cancer.

"We are one of the few major research universities to decide that food is an important, highly socially relevant field of study where all the faculty can contribute," says Prof. Ken Lee, director of Ohio State's Food Innovation Center.

Throughout the university, faculty members are working together to make food safer and more healthful. That's particularly important in a state where food is the largest industry, accounting for $107 billion and one of every seven jobs: Ohio State researchers make their findings open and accessible--so that everyone from the state's 2,000 food-related manufacturers to home cooks can benefit.

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