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Ohio State kicks off fundraising campaign

October 03, 2012

But for Ohio State, the university's $2.5 billion fundraising campaign, will take Ohio State from excellence to eminence--using research and innovation to solve major world problems while supporting students and faculty on a world-class campus.

But For Ohio State

Cures for the world's most devastating diseases. Safe and plentiful food. Sustainable energy.

Ohio State's goals are monumental. But for Ohio State--the university's $2.5 billion fundraising campaign--is the roadmap to take us from excellence to eminence.

"My wish is for this great university to reach beyond our already high attainment and become the country's most vibrant, most engaged, most forward-thinking public institution," says President E. Gordon Gee. (Read Gee's thoughts as the campaign kicks off.)

The campaign, which the university kicks off this week, is a call to Buckeyes to help move forward the world-class academic programs, students and scholars, and research that will change the world, while creating opportunities for Ohioans.

Support the campaign and share your story. And find out more about the five tenets of the campaign--and where they'll take Ohio State:

Placing students first: But for Ohio State seeks to attract the most promising students to Ohio State--and help them afford tuition. The campaign promises a more robust academic program, better places for students to live and learn, and vibrant study abroad opportunities.

Elevating faculty and the academic enterprise: At Ohio State, researchers across the academic spectrum work together to solve the world's most pressing problems--and in the process, they patent their discoveries, launching new companies that bring jobs to Ohio. But for Ohio State will help attract, honor, and retain veteran talent as well as rising stars.

Creating modern learning environments: Through But for Ohio State, the university will become the national model for innovative campus design. That means the right buildings, in the right proximity for teamwork. An example: the Ohio Union, which was built with every audience and every activity in mind.

Emboldening our research agenda: Taking risks, testing bold hypotheses, rethinking traditional approaches. Ohio State researchers work across disciplines and team up with industry to solve problems around the globe. But for Ohio State will allow for a wider range of opportunity--which means more major problems, solved.

Driving high-impact innovation: New ideas at Ohio State have big repercussions. Medical procedures save lives and new technologies make them better. But for Ohio State supports the university's boldest thinkers--those who will truly make a difference.