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The Innovators

November 08, 2012

From renewable energy to the link between health and food, Ohio State faculty are tackling major societal issues that affect everyday lives.


How can we eat to live longer? What does it take for a student to graduate college? How do we sustain earth through climate change?

Ohio State faculty are answering these questions. Their innovative research, which is breaking ground in areas like energy, sustainability, and health and wellness, is essential for a better future. Several of our faculty superstars shared their ideas at TEDxColumbus, so you can listen to the answers firsthand—then share the knowledge.

"Long Life Depends on This"

Prof. Gary Wenk, Department of Psychology

Food affects how we think, how we feel, and how we age. In his Brain Café, Wenk serves the recipe for long life: Eat wisely, eat less.

"Inalienable Rights: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Belonging"

Prof. Terrell L. Strayhorn, School of Educational Policy and Leadership

Of 19 million current college students nationwide, only 55 percent will graduate. Analyzing what students need to succeed, Strayhorn discovered that a sense of belonging in college is critical. Ultimately, he says, "We all want to belong."

"Renewable Energy: Is the Future in Nuclear?"

Prof. Gordon Aubrecht, Department of Physics (Ohio State at Marion)

Aubrecht is building a bridge to the future--and that bridge is nuclear energy. “The future is solar," he says. "But first we've got to get there."