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President Gee on the Future of Higher Ed

January 31, 2013

Too many college students across the nation aren't graduating. President E. Gordon Gee is at the helm of a national commission tasked with finding solutions.

Higher Ed Future

He wears a signature scarlet and gray bow tie. He never leaves an "O-H!" hanging. And he's an extremely vocal cheerleader for Ohio State programs, whether he's chatting with students on the Oval or conducting an interview.

On campus, President Gee is known as the quintessential Buckeye.

But beyond Ohio State, he's looked to as a national leader in higher education.

As chair of the National Commission on Higher Education Attainment, Gee is working to raise the number of college grads across the nation. (Read the commission's report--"An Open Letter to College and University Leaders"--to see the group's plan to increase the number of students who graduate from college.)

"Our economic future depends on an educated citizenry," Gee says. "The problem is that far too many of our best and brightest college students are not making it to the finish line."

Gee's message is being heard around the country:

He's also brought the conversation back to campus. During his first Twitter chat, he fielded questions related to #HigherEdFuture, answering tweets from Ohio State students, professors, alumni, and local reporters, along with higher education leaders from across the country.

"Without a doubt," Gee says, "new voices and fresh perspectives that we have gained on this digital frontier are adding a great deal to our ongoing national dialogue about the future of higher education."