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Happy birthday, Brutus!

November 05, 2015

Brutus Buckeye, the beloved Ohio State mascot, is turning 50. From his fiberglass days to his dance moves on the field, take a look back in time to celebrate memorable moments.

Whether it's electrifying a mammoth stadium of fans on game day as a master of slapstick or cheering up a single child in the hospital with a hug, Brutus Buckeye does it all with undeniable style.

A half-century has passed since two students, Ray Bourhis and Sally Huber Lanyon, worked alongside students in Ohio Staters Inc. and Pi Beta Phi to create a mascot and debuted Brutus during the Homecoming game against Minnesota in 1965.

Commemorate Brutus' 50th birthday with us on Nov. 7 at the official birthday celebration in Ohio Stadium vs Minnesota.


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