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Sharing #BuckeyeLove around the world

February 01, 2016

#BuckeyeLove is unique to Ohio State: Our students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends are passionate about their connections to the university and with Buckeye Nation. They are making an impact around campus and beyond.

Here are just 14 examples of #BuckeyeLove in action around the world:

1. Our students believe every kid deserves to be a Buckeye. With the ultimate goal of ending childhood cancer, BuckeyeThon raises money throughout the year to support the kids treated at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. In 2015, BuckeyeThon raised more than $1.2 million For The Kids.

2. Thousands of students choose to serve others during their winter, spring and summer breaks. There are 90 different Buck-I-SERV trips, and students traveled to 36 service sites across the globe over this past winter break in the name of #BuckeyeLove.

3. Our researchers, students and staff are helping mothers and their babies around the globe. The OSU/Greif Neonatal Program celebrated gains in the fight against infant mortality in Hinche, Haiti, where faculty and staff contributed 2,300 teaching and training hours to revolutionize neonatal care in 2014. Buckeyes also are developing interventions to counter low life expectancy and high incidence of HIV in Malawi.

HIV in Malawi

4. Ohio State has been named a top-producer of Fulbright Scholars for the last three years. Buckeyes named Fulbrights spend their time abroad, pursuing their dreams - from research to teaching. Take alumna Rose Kramer for example. As a Fulbright, she’s raising funds to bring necessities to Villa Maria Del Triunfo.

5. Thanks to donors’ generous support, thousands of students benefit from scholarships each year. Whether by Ohio State’s awarding $15 million in President’s Affordability Grants, young alumni starting their own study abroad scholarship or an alumni club's awarding 20 scholarships to first-year and continuing students, Buckeyes give in big ways.

6. Superb care is given to patients - even four-legged ones like Atlas.

7. Buckeyes are working toward a healthier world all the time. We think about an alumna who had profound impact on the lives of heart patients; researchers who are shedding light on why chemotherapy treatments work differently for those battling cancer; and a professor bringing mindfulness practices to the masses. These are just a few contributors among many.

8. Teachers like this guy are what make Ohio State great. From teaching history of the Holocaust to primate behaviors, our professors are making a mark at Ohio State with their passion for teaching and the connections they have with their students.

9. And researchers like these are making our world a better place. Rocky glacial terrain won’t stand in their way when it comes to studying climate change and threats to crops and water supply for millions of people in Latin America.

Glacial access

10. Through study abroad programs and the International Gateways, Buckeye Pride isn’t bound by borders. Just search our #BuckeyesAbroad hashtag on Twitter to see service trips, internships, research projects and more. Committed to global partnerships, Ohio State has opened Global Gateways in China, India and Brazil.

11. Being a Buckeye means paying forward. Our alumni volunteer across the globe. They serve as  student-recruitment volunteers in 28 states, open and run clinics in Liberia or help beautify areas in the heart of central Ohio.

day of service

12. Ohio State appreciates its partners. Whether we are celebrating new scholarship funding and internship opportunities with NIKE for our students or working with our rivals to design better Navy ship hulls and lighter, safer cars, Buckeyes know the value of teamwork.

13. Buckeyes go the distance. In Ethiopia, students, faculty and staff have shared their expertise on everything from tackling infectious diseases and cervical cancer to best practices for distance learning.

14. Buckeyes love the environment. Ohio State is a leader among Big Ten universities for diverting waste from landfills during game days in Ohio Stadium, but you can find examples of sustainability practices all over campus year-round.