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January 08, 2018

When Randall Moores was looking to revive his family farm, he found the tools he needed with Ohio State Online.

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Randall Moores Randall Moores

When Randall Moores decided he wanted to revive his family farm, he knew he had a lot to learn. 

But living in Ashtabula, Ohio, with a wife and three kids, finding the time and place to get the education he needed was no easy feat. That’s where Ohio State Online came in. Moores, a military veteran who was on active duty as an Army logistics officer for more than seven years, discovered online offerings that met his exact needs.

“I’ve always wanted to attend Ohio State, but now with a family and living in Ashtabula, it wasn’t really feasible to attend in person,” said Moores, who is currently enrolled in Ohio State’s master in plant health management program.

“Once I started the classwork, it wasn’t much different from a regular classroom in the way we interacted either through posting online boards or watching lectures in real time.”

Through his online studies, Moores is gaining the knowledge he needs to reinvigorate Moores Heritage Farm, which has been a part of his family since the 1860s. He is just one of many students to learn about the university’s thriving online learning program. Here are five more interesting facts about Ohio State Online:

1. The same degree

A degree earned online at Ohio State isn’t an online degree – it’s an Ohio State degree, and each graduate receives a diploma from The Ohio State University – not Ohio State Online or any other entity.

2. Not all online

Not all learning takes place through a screen: Programs incorporate experiential learning, such as field placements and capstone projects completed in the students’ own communities. Online graduates also are invited to walk in Ohio State’s commencement ceremony, even if they’ve never set foot on campus.

3. Alumni perks

Alumni who want to return for an online program can apply for free. The application fee waiver makes that possible.

4. A wide array of programs

Online learning at Ohio State prepares graduates for a range of fields, including health care, social work and engineering. The university’s online graduate nursing programs are ranked the second-best in the country by U.S. News & World Report.

5. A competitive advantage

Admissions standards for online programs are equivalent to those for on-the-ground programs. And unlike some other online education programs, when you take a course online at Ohio State, you learn from the same faculty who teach and conduct research on campus.

We're No. 1

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