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Abby Walouke
Student video assistant

Major: Studio Art

Job: Student Video Assistant, Athletics

Consider what life would be like if your work was on display to 100,000 people.

Abby Walouke remembers the first time it happened to her, when she looked up at the Ohio State football scoreboard and saw her animation of Brutus ripping apart a football.

“I cried a little bit,” Walouke said.

“It’s surreal. You sit in an office by yourself and create these animations, then one day your art is surrounded by thousands of people.”

Walouke is one of the athletics department’s scoreboard animation designers. She also occasionally runs the scoreboards, which includes following a detailed script that weaves sponsor videos with animations.

Walouke, who aspires to be a motion graphics designer, learns from Craig Brown, computer animator and scoreboard operations manager, and gains hands-on experience in Adobe design software.

Walouke fell in love with animation storytelling through Disney and Pixar. She chose Ohio State’s art department, focusing on art and technology, because it pushes artists to explore.

“They strive to develop you as an artist,” said Walouke, who hopes to study in the Advanced Computer Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD). “I didn’t know anything about football before I came here. Now I’m able to make it a visual artform."


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