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Best indoor workout spots on campus

From clanging weights to climbing walls, campus recreation facilities meet all fitness needs.

January 03, 2020


Let’s face it, “going to the gym” has a different meaning for everyone. Some train for a sport, while others want to get swole, sweat it out on a treadmill or climb a giant wall. And yes, a few of us have a massive itch for dodgeball tournaments.

The good news is, whatever you need to let off steam, there’s a recreation facility on campus for that. Here are four indoor workout spots to help you reach your fitness goals or simply get the blood flowing.

North Recreation Center

The North Recreation Center offers more than cool visuals.

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Jesse Owens North

Jesse Owens North has an old-school weight-room feel.

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Adventure Recreation Center

The Adventure Recreation Center is a bit off the beaten path in more ways than one.

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