What does Ohio State mean to creative technologies?

What does Ohio State mean to creative technologies?

But for Ohio State, Steve Martino's pals Manny, Sid, and Diego, of Ice Age fame, wouldn't be entertaining millions of people all over the world. Ohio State alumnus Steve Martino works to create groundbreaking--and very funny--computer animated films at Blue Sky Studios, where he recently co-directed Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Martino came to Ohio State in the ‘70s to study design and took a traditional animation class where students drew with markers on 16mm film. When he played his film in class, everyone laughed ... and he knew what he wanted to do with his life.

After graduation, he heard computer animation pioneer Chuck Csuri speak. “I was absolutely blown away. No one was doing what he was showing us. I hadn’t seen images like that anywhere before,” Martino said. So he earned a graduate degree at Ohio State, studying at the Computer Graphics Research Group, founded by Csuri and later renamed the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD).

Martino headed to Los Angeles after graduation, working in animation and visual effects before joining Connecticut-based Blue Sky Studios--founded by Ohio State alumnus Chris Wedge. There, he’s worked on the shorts Gone Nutty and Scrat’s Continental Crack-Up, and directed Horton Hears a Who! and Ice Age: Continental Drift.

ACCAD conducts research centered on the use and integration of emerging arts technologies. It is a collaborative think space, a place to make, create, imagine, and above all connect. It is distinguished by its trans-disciplinary approach to research and teaching and is recognized internationally as one of the leading centers of its kind.

Ohio State alumni who have studied at ACCAD have been making their mark on the American film industry for years, with graduates working in prominent film studios such as Pixar Animation Studios, DreamWorks Animation, Blue Sky Studios, Walt Disney Feature Animation, and Industrial Light and Magic.

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