The College of Education and Human Ecology

The College of Education and Human Ecology solves pressing problems for consumers, families, schools, and communities. Students benefit from the enormous range of our expertise. When they graduate, they will be prepared to tackle day-to-day issues, complex statewide problems, and national policies.

Our 93,000 alumni are the bedrock of America and countries worldwide. They take action, whether to eradicate poverty in their neighborhood or to discover how an entire continent might no longer be threatened by blindness. Faculty collaborate with peers across Ohio State for unprecedented impact on food safety, diabetes control, cancer prevention, and other pressing problems.

Competition to join our programs can be fierce. U.S. News and World Report has long ranked our graduate education program in the top tier, most recently as eighth among public universities. Ours is the highest ranked college at Ohio State, consistently in U.S. News and World Report’s top 10.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has recognized our community outreach and community-engaged curriculum. The Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis recently honored the Special Education faculty for 50 years of programmatic contributions to the field of applied behavior analysis.

Support from the But for Ohio State campaign will strengthen College of Education and Human Ecology partnerships and enhance the professional excellence that improves lives in Ohio and throughout the world.

Ohio State and the College of Education and Human Ecology

The college blends the strengths of faculty, students, and staff to find ways to ensure all people have balance in their lives, both as learners and consumers. Our college wants every person to know the joy of learning, the satisfaction of a decent job, the knowledge to ensure lifelong financial solvency, the serenity of living in safe neighborhoods, and the fun of having strong, fit bodies.

Balanced lives call for our interrelated programs. Our educators prepare children for school by introducing literacy education early on. Our counselors keep students in school from preschool through PhD. Our OSU Extension educators ensure families are economically stable through old age by teaching financial literacy. Our coaches ensure the thrill of fit bodies continues from childhood into adulthood. Our informed managers serve the hospitality industry. Our nutritionists study foods to unlock the secrets to healthy eating. The list goes on.

We are partnering with colleagues across Ohio State to find interdisciplinary solutions to poverty, to combat global hunger and ensure food safety, to promote health, and to prevent diseases such as cancer and diabetes. We have reached out from the campus to collaborate with community activists and government organizations to stop youth violence.

With our blend of human ecology and education, we are using the amazing breadth and depth of talent contained within our faculty, research staff, and students to implement programs and initiatives that truly change lives and enhance wellness across the lifespan.

Supporting the College of Education and Human Ecology

With top-tier students and faculty working together on research and programs that will transform countless lives for Ohioans and people around the globe, the College of Education and Human Ecology is a force for Ohio’s future. Together, we will build upon the tremendous accomplishments achieved thus far by the college to move the state and nation forward.

Transformative action requires significant private investment. Whether you choose to support the students who will be our next generation of teachers, faculty research that contributes to our health and wellness, facility upgrades that will complement new cutting-edge learning styles, or any of the aforementioned priority areas—now is the time to support the College of Education and Human Ecology through the But for Ohio State campaign.

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