College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

The Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center is the largest university-based agbioscience center in the United States, and Ohio State University Extension is part of the world’s largest non-formal educational system.

The world requires groundbreaking research and stellar education programs to advance in an economically sustainable, yet environmentally compatible and socially responsible way. But for Ohio State and CFAES faculty and students, breakthroughs in these critical initiatives would not be possible.

From identifying new ways to cut crop losses that could save U.S. farmers more than $1 billion annually, to building upon the emerging environmental economy to help create new jobs and industries in Ohio, and from developing nutrition strategies that reduce feed costs for cattle, to enhancing human health by designing faster ways to trace food-borne pathogens, CFAES is meeting 21st-century challenges.

Ohio State and the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

The 21st century has generated a growing market linking the biosciences to real life agricultural concerns, as well as opportunities to expand traditional agriculture-based industries.

CFAES faculty and students are involved in innovative, multidisciplinary partnerships all across the Ohio State campus, bringing the new and promising field of agbiosciences together with zoology, medicine, engineering, business, law, education, chemistry, physics, microbiology, and much more.

Together, these collaborations are unlocking the nature of plants and animals, their behavior, their evolutionary history, and their value to society. These discoveries are then translated into the communities in which Ohioans live and work through the reach and power of OSU Extension.

CFAES is guiding our state, our country, and Ohio State forward in these exciting new fields, and we have identified three signature areas aligning state, national, and international priorities with the college’s core strengths. These emerging fields of study offer an exceptional opportunity to position CFAES as a global leader.

Food Security, Production, and Human Health
Improving agricultural production to ensure adequate and affordable food sources, preserving agro-security to safeguard food supplies, and promoting the basics of nutritional health for a growing global population.

Environmental Quality and Sustainability
Understanding, protecting, and repairing the environment and essential ecosystems to ensure long-term sustainability.

Advanced Bioenergy and Biobased Products
Developing biomass-based advanced energy technologies and value-added biobased products such as fuels, specialty chemicals, and fiber products.

Supporting the CFAES Vision

One of the great attributes of CFAES is the way we translate fundamental understanding and discovery into practical use for the benefit of all. We are unwavering in our commitment to providing programs that meet the needs of the food and agricultural industries we serve, as well as the needs of society.

CFAES faculty and students are harnessing their creativity; their intellectual power is felt around the world. Through your support, we are developing new household products from biological resources. We are engineering wetland kits that allow small livestock farms to meet clean water standards.

Our researchers are addressing life-threatening diseases such as avian influenza and identifying cancer-fighting properties in our foods.

The challenges ahead are great, but the solutions are in sight.

CFAES has an extraordinary opportunity to lead the world in agbioscience learning and innovation, and we find inspiration and excitement in tackling the grand challenges of the 21st century. Your investment in our students, faculty, and programs during the But for Ohio State campaign will make a difference—now and tomorrow—in your community and around the world.

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