The Ohio State University Michael E. Moritz College of Law

At the Moritz College of Law, we help students become outstanding lawyers, inspiring leaders, and principled citizens able to make a difference.

The college encourages individuality within an intimate and supportive community. We provide an intensive academic curriculum that includes clinical programs, which provide experiential training on real world issues. The result? Lawyers whose judgment is as strong as their passion.

Through small class sizes and personalized attention, our students learn from diverse, internationally recognized faculty who are experts on countless legal issues.

Our extraordinary teachers and scholars have chosen Moritz—and Moritz has chosen them—because they have a talent and a passion for teaching, combined with a sophisticated command of their disciplines. Their involvement in research, writing, and policy-making translates into fresh, lively instruction.

Ohio State and the Michael E. Moritz College of Law

The Moritz College of Law embodies the University’s overarching goal of moving from excellence to eminence. The education our students receive is nothing short of outstanding. For the fourth year in a row, Moritz has welcomed its strongest first-year class, including 15 percent who will be the first in their family to graduate college, and 23 percent from families whose income was below $50,000.

We are wholly focused on providing students a comprehensive legal education. Law expands and grows, and new areas develop faster than old ones dissipate. The college has been a leader in moving toward experiential education and a problemsolving orientation, preparing students to provide services to clients and apply their legal skills to real world issues.

Through collaboration with the University at large, Moritz gives students the option to earn a joint degree and thereby gain in-depth experience in a second field of study among the 100-plus master’s and 90 doctoral programs available at Ohio State. As a result of these varied experiences, our graduates stand out above others in the field.

Supporting the Michael E. Moritz College of Law Vision

We seek to be one of the nation’s great law schools, a leader in the quality and impact of our teaching, legal scholarship, and public service. We teach students rigorous analytical skills to assist them in developing their understanding of the law and legal process and enhance their professional judgment through a dynamic and innovative learning environment. We offer insights on the impact of law and legal institutions on individuals and communities and advocate for constructive change. We contribute our expertise in public conversation and initiatives that lead to the improvement of law and the administration of justice in Ohio, the nation, and the world. Our goal is to produce outstanding legal professionals equipped to aid and improve society and fully participate in discovering the answers to the complex issues before us.

The generous support of our alumni and friends has given the college the enormous privilege of providing exceptional people, both teachers and students, an opportunity to make a difference through law. This philanthropy has sparked the creation of innovative programs other law schools replicate. As a result, we do not merely keep pace with law’s rapid development—we set the pace.

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