What does Ohio State mean to its graduates?

What does Ohio State mean to its graduates?

First-generation college graduate Victoria Tkacz Brown, PharmD, describes her experience at Ohio State as “lifechanging.” Attending Ohio State--first as an undergraduate in the Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences program, then as a Doctor of Pharmacy student--was the beginning of Victoria’s journey toward her dream career. “I wanted to be a pharmacist for as long as I can remember,” she says.

The scholarship support she received was one of the deciding factors when Victoria chose Ohio State. She also knew that the College of Pharmacy would challenge her and prepare her for the real world. “I learned to become a leader for the advancement of pharmacy practice, a patient-care advocate, and met my best friends in the process.”

Now, Victoria is thrilled to embark on her dream job. As an oncology clinical specialist for Johns Hopkins, she serves recently discharged patients with hematologic malignancies who are learning to participate in their own care for the first time.

Eventually, Victoria hopes to create opportunities for student pharmacists and residents to join her team. Staying connected to academia and helping the students who are tomorrow’s pharmacists is meaningful to her. “Neither of my parents had the opportunity to attend college,” she says. “Words do not do justice to the enormous gratitude I have for the donors who made my education possible. I could never pay them back, but I will pay forward.”

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