The Ohio State University at Lima

The mission of Ohio State Lima is to serve our community, region, state and beyond through academic excellence, pioneering research, and exceptional service. One of the many ways we fulfill this mission is by maintaining high academic standards. Our faculty members are tenured by their departments in Columbus and teach uniform programs. We offer a quality education and a degree from Ohio State. Many of the 1,200 students in Lima are balancing employment, school, and family, and many are the first in their families to attend college. Given the increasing importance of regional campuses in the University system, the greatest challenge is to offer more scholarship opportunities, additional research options, and an enhanced student life experience that includes space for student engagement outside of the classroom.

Ohio State Lima celebrated its Golden Anniversary in 2010–2011, and there is ample evidence of the impact it has had on the communities of Northwest Ohio. Nearly 40,000 students have taken one or more courses on the campus. By offering all courses for an Associate of Arts degree in General Studies, nine baccalaureate programs, two baccalaureate completion programs, and two masters programs, Ohio State Lima graduates approximately 200 students per year. Each year 250–300 students transition to the Columbus campus to finish their degrees. Ohio State Lima has made a difference in the region for students who need and want the affordability of our campus, for those who are place-bound, and for those who benefit from a learning environment characterized by more personal attention. 

Ohio State and The Ohio State University at Lima

As one of four regional campuses throughout the state, Ohio State Lima exemplifies the land-grant mission of The Ohio State University.

Nearly one-third of all Ohio State freshman start their academic careers at a regional campus. It’s easy to see why. Regional campuses like Ohio State Lima provide access to education for students seeking an excellent and affordable education in a small, supportive environment—an experience that growing numbers of students are seeking.

To continue the progress we have made and support the growth at Ohio State Lima, private investment remains essential. Tuition and public funding provide the basics, but only philanthropy can help us provide the facilities and increased scholarship support that will help us meet our community’s educational needs.

Supporting the Ohio State Lima Vision

Now is the time for inverstment in The Ohio State University at Lima's students, faculty and future. Access to affordable, quality education has become one of the critical issues of our time.

The intersection of affordability, access and excellence exists here at Ohio State Lima. This campaign will provide more scholarships, enhance the student life experience, and help attract and retain high quality faculty, thus heightening the level of service and benefit we provide to the area. Students who complete their degrees in Lima are more likely to stay in the area, thus increasing the number of individuals with baccalaureate degrees, enhancing the workforce, and improving the economy. Private support through the But for Ohio State campaign will ensure that our communities have access to the educational opportunities they need and deserve.

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