The Ohio State University at Marion

The Ohio State University at Marion provides the atmosphere of a small liberal arts college with the educational resources of a major university. Our campus serves an important role in meeting the land-grant tradition of open admissions, welcoming students who may be the first generation in their families to attend college, students of both traditional and nontraditional age, and anyone who seeks a better life through higher education.

At Ohio State Marion, our students may complete degrees in six selected majors on the Marion campus, or they may begin studies in 175 bachelor degree programs to be completed later at the Columbus campus. Our students are part of the Buckeye family and have access to opportunities and activities on the Marion and Columbus campuses, including libraries, research facilities, computer labs, student organizations, concerts, and even football tickets.

Ohio State and The Ohio State University at Marion

As one of four regional campuses throughout the state, Ohio State Marion exemplifies the land-grant mission of The Ohio State University—offering Ohio State-quality education at two-thirds the cost. We educate nearly 2,000 students each year, a number that is expected to grow as we continue to spread our message to students as early as grade school that college is a realistic, attainable, and an increasingly necessary option for keeping pace with our global economy.

From our inception in Marion in 1957, community investment has been an essential component of this campus. To continue the progress we have made, community investment remains essential to realizing the full potential of Ohio State Marion. Tuition and public funding provide the basics, but only philanthropy can help us provide the upgrades to facilities and increased scholarship support that will help us meet students’ needs as we work to become a greater catalyst for opportunity in Marion. Together, with your support, we can help those in our communities who want to transform their futures and create new opportunities for themselves and their families.

Supporting the Ohio State Marion Vision

The Ohio State University at Marion is an integral part of our region’s revitalization, as we build an educated citizenry that will become Marion’s future business owners, executives, teachers, and community leaders. Increasingly, when people talk about progress, they talk about Ohio State Marion; our success is interwoven in the fabric of the community.

Progress means doubling the percentage of Marion County adults with bachelor’s degrees from 12.3 percent to the state average of 23.6 percent. It means stimulating economic development by preparing innovators and flexible thinkers for the knowledge economy of the 21st century. And progress means that current and future generations of area residents can experience the same levels of prosperity and quality of life that many in our region experienced at the height of the manufacturing boom.

Your support for Ohio State Marion during the But for Ohio State campaign will ensure our joint success. Whether you support our students’ dreams of a better life through a gift of scholarships, or help us create spaces that promote scholarship and enhance student life, you are investing in the promise of higher education and its ability to move our community forward.

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