The Ohio State University Alumni Association

When Ohio State’s first alumni returned to campus in 1879, they established an organization to foster an attachment among graduates and the University. For more than 130 years, The Ohio State University Alumni Association has continued the mission of bringing together alumni, students, and friends in lifelong support of Ohio State and each other.

Our graduates become, and forever remain, Buckeyes. That is the Ohio State experience: beyond a diploma, it is a lasting expression of who we are.

The Alumni Association hopes to nourish all Buckeyes through membership, programs, and services that connect alumni, support students, embrace the community, celebrate faculty, and engage leadership. With nearly 500,000 alumni worldwide, this is no easy feat, but our alumni make it both possible and worthwhile.

Ohio State and the Alumni Association

Ohio State is enormously proud of the accomplished men and women our students become, and humbled to be part of their journey. As the representative voice of Ohio State alumni everywhere, the Alumni Association reflects our members’ varied backgrounds and perspectives. And varied they are. Our Alumni Association members have organized clubs and societies to gather, share, and give back in more than 200 locations around the world, as far as China, Cyprus, and Argentina. Our alumni hail from all continents; they live and work in cities such as Bangkok and Dubai, and countries including Kenya and India.

Regardless of origin or destination, alumni share a love for Ohio State that motivates us to reciprocate the feeling. Through meaningful programming and events, we keep alumni closely connected while continuing and enhancing their Buckeye experience long after graduation.

A key element of this experience is our alumni’s dedication to serving as stewards to each new generation. Alumni Club members awarded scholarships to more than 300 students in the last academic year alone. Our alumni’s eagerness to make a difference in the lives of others extends beyond campus, too. Alumni support their communities through countless service projects, from food and clothing drives to fundraising walks and races; they even set sail on the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer to raise funds for research.

The Alumni Association exists to provide alumni meaningful opportunities to enjoy being part of the Ohio State family, whether by cheering as one or by sharing their time, treasure, and talent through their volunteer and advocacy work, their fundraising efforts, and their philanthropy.

Supporting the Alumni Association

As a partially self-funded organization, the Association is not only for alumni, it is also by alumni. Your gift to The Ohio State University Alumni Association will make an impact that transcends geographic boundaries, enriches generations across time, and perpetuates Buckeye traditions and values.

Imagine our award-winning Ohio State Alumni Magazine being delivered to the lone Buckeye living in Rwanda. Picture the first-generation college student from rural Ashland County, Ohio, throwing her cap in the air at graduation while her parents beam with pride. Consider the achievements of the late Zheng Li, China’s pioneer in nutritional science and an Ohio State alumnus, throughout his 111-year life.

Now imagine how many lives each changed, and how many more they will inspire. How many will you?

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