Ohio Scholarship Challenge

About the Challenge

Everything we do at Ohio State is about students, and a top priority of the But for Ohio State Campaign is placing students first. One great way to support students is through the Ohio Scholarship Challenge. Join honorary co-chairs Coach Thad Matta and Coach Urban Meyer and show your commitment to providing important scholarship dollars for Ohio State students. Will you accept the Challenge?

How much does it cost to attend Ohio State?

Ohio State maintains a strong tradition of offering a world-class education at a reasonable price. In fact, Ohio State has the second-lowest tuition among Ohio's public universities with selective admissions and has been named among the 100 best values in higher education by Kiplinger's Personal Finance. Even so, state funding cuts have placed an ever increasing burden on our students.

Estimated costs for the 2013–2014 academic year 
(two semesters of full-time enrollment)

Tuition/fees $10,010 Tuition/fees/surcharge $25,726
Housing/meals $11,740 Housing/meals $11,740
Total cost of attendance* $25,452 Total cost of attendance* $41,816

 *Includes estimated costs for books, incidentals, and other expenses

What is the Ohio Scholarship Challenge?

Launched in February 2013, the Challenge is a fundraising initiative to raise $100 million in general scholarship dollars for Ohio State students in any major, at any campus.  A defining part of the But for Ohio State Campaign, the success of the Challenge is vital to the university’s overall effort to raise $500 million in private scholarship funds. Through the Ohio Scholarship Challenge, you can help promising undergraduate students afford Ohio State and give more students access to a life-changing array of academic opportunities.

How is the Challenge different from other scholarships?

  • Scholarships funded by the Challenge are transferrable between majors and portable between campuses—a flexibility that “restricted” scholarships do not offer. Thus, a recipient who remains in good standing can keep the scholarship regardless of major or campus attended. Best of all, scholarships are renewable for up to four years, ensuring financial assistance for all four years of the student’s undergraduate experience.
  • The university will match the payout on newly established endowed undergraduate scholarships that meet Challenge criteria. (To learn more about the match program, contact the Office of Academic Affairs development team at (614) 247-6600.)

What’s the difference between an endowed scholarship and a current use scholarship?

An endowed scholarship fund lasts in perpetuity, ensuring that scholarship dollars are available for students for as long as the university exists. A current use scholarship functions like a checkbook, where the entire amount may be used and the scholarship ceases to exist when the funds are depleted.

What are the criteria for a Challenge scholarship?

To meet the Challenge, a scholarship must be:

  • For undergraduate students at Ohio State
  • Portable between campuses
  • Transferrable between majors
  • Renewable as long as the student remains in good standing as defined by the university

Donors establishing a scholarship can:

  • Determine the scholarship name
  • Designate the scholarship to benefit a geographic area like a town, a high school, a county, or geographic region (example: Central Ohio)
  • Designate the scholarship to benefit students based on need or students based on merit or both

In order for gifts to count in the Challenge, no other criteria may be applied.

My alumni club has a scholarship. How do the programs relate?

Any financial gift to an alumni club scholarship that meets Challenge criteria counts towards the $100 million Challenge goal.

How long will the Challenge last?

As long as it takes to reach the $100 million goal.

Who can answer my questions?

Contact the Office of Academic Affairs development team at (614) 247-6600.

I’m ready to take the Challenge. Where do I donate?

You can give online or call (614) 292-2141 for assistance making a gift.

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