Cerebrovascular Disease Research and Support Fund In Neurosurgery

Fund Number: 311800

To Support Patient Care, Personnel, Education, Research, Equipment and Other Needs Related to Cerebrovascular Disease in the Department of Neurosurgery

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John Meagher, M.D. Lectureship Fund in Neurosurgery

Fund Number: 604750

Established September 1, 1993, by family, friends and students in honor of the late Dr. Meagher, clinical professor emeritus, surgery-neurosurgery. Income supports a lectureship in the Division of Neurosurgery.

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Neurosurgery Fund

Fund Number: 306896

To Establish a Neurosurgery Fund for Faculty Salaries (work for Dr. Hunt or successors).

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Pediatric Neurosurgery Resident Education Fund

Fund Number: 311688

Supports Resident Education and Training in the Department of Neurological Surgery

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Spinal Cord Injury Fund

Fund Number: 314906

To support spinal cord injury programs in the Department of Neurosurgery to include but not limited to: Research, Supplies, Equipment, Salaries, Conference/Travel, Education.

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The Lawrence J. Mervis, M.D. Endowed Fund in Neurosurgery

Fund Number: 604923

Established December 6, 2002, by Dr. Mervis's wife, Jean, and their children and grandchildren in his honor and memory. Income prior to the earlier of either July 31, 2007 or the date Neurosurgery is an established department, is reinvested to principal .

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The Mary Ann Miner Memorial Fund

Fund Number: 605006

Established July 8, 1994, by family and friends in her memory. Income supports research, education and/or patient care programs in the Division of Neurosurgery, Department of Surgery.

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The William E. and Charlotte Curtis Hunt Professorship Fund in Neurosurgery

Fund Number: 603340

Established March 7, 1986, by friends and colleagues in honor of Dr. Hunt and in memory of his wife. Income is reinvested to principal until it reaches $500,000 to establish a professorship in the Division of Neurologic Surgery maintaining and enhancing joint teaching and research activities in clinical neurosurgery and the basic neurosciences. If the professorship is not established by 2001, income will be assigned to other faculty positions in a manner consistent with the goals of the fund.

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The William E. Hunt, M.D. and Charlotte M. Curtis Chair in Neuroscience

Fund Number: 643349

Established August 30, 2000, with gifts from the Charlotte Curtis Hunt Living Trust made in memory of William E. Hunt, M.D. and Charlotte M. Curtis; used to support the growth and development of neuroscience in the College of Medicine by creating a chair in neuroscience to promote the Neurosciences through such uses as, including but not limited to, post-doctoral neurosurgery fellowships, neuroscience research (e.g., graduate and post-doctorate research), extraordinary laboratory equipment and supplies, and neuroscience lectureships. The chair was established September 21, 2007.

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The William E. Hunt, M.D. Lectureship Fund in Neurosurgery

Fund Number: 603344

Established September 1, 1999, in his honor, by family, friends and colleagues. Income supports the William E. Hunt, M.D. Lectureship series in the Division of Neurosurgery by a notable physician, educator, or researcher in neuroscience.

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