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Located in Wooster, Ohio State Agricultural Technical Institute (ATI) is a degree-granting program within the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences and is the largest institution of its kind in the nation, enrolling approximately 800 students and offering 28 programs of study. Ohio State ATI is consistently ranked number one in the nation among two-year schools in the awarding of associate degrees in agriculture and related sciences. Students participate in a curriculum that provides excellent career preparation, combining coursework with a variety of hands-on practical experiences and the opportunity to make professional contacts through paid internships. Ohio State ATI maintains a 99 percent job placement rate for all graduates within four months of graduation.

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OSU/ATI Alumni Society Scholarship

Fund Number: 309388

To Provide OSU Scholarship to OSU/ATI Student

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Ohio State ATI Founders and Friends Award Fund

Fund Number: 640222

Established June 1, 2001, with miscellaneous gifts through The Foundation to honor the Founders and Friends of Ohio State ATI. Income supports need and merit awards for ATI students with a minimum 2.0 GPA. Unused income is reinvested to principal.

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Louis Foster Memorial Fund

Fund Number: 313604

Used for ATI landscape and grounds improvement

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ATI Equine Fund

Fund Number: 306009

Support construction and development of Equine Complex for Agricultural Technical Institute, including equipment

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ATI Hawks Nest Operations Fund

Fund Number: 312447

Used to maintain and enhance the golf course which will include buying supplies, equipment and other materials and general operating costs

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ATI Library Fund

Fund Number: 307886

For Instruction Support

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Landscape Industry Certified Technician Program

Fund Number: 310590

Monies will be used for Test-Site Development, Maintenance, and Operation as well as Test Marketing and Administration

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Ohio State ATI Horticultural Center Fund

Fund Number: 303383

To Support Construction and Development of Horticultural Center for Ohio State Agricultural Technical Institute

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Agricultural Technical Institute Enrollment Fund

Fund Number: 307803

Discretionary fund with the primary purpose for enrollment development at ATI

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The Ohio State Fund for the Agricultural Technical Institute

Fund Number: 303349

Supports programs and activities with potential to generate additional funding and create a positive and supportive work environment, and perpetuate a positive community image of ATI

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Academic Affairs Discretionary Fund for The Agriculture Technical Institute

Fund Number: 305098

To Provide Discretionary Funds for use in Academic Affairs

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Agricultural Technical Institute Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 303230

General Scholarships

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Arts & Science and Business Technologies

Fund Number: 308533


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ATI Bee Club Fund

Fund Number: 313325

Used to buy supplies to start and maintain one or more bee hives at ATI

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ATI Construction Programs

Fund Number: 309547

Discretionary support of ATI Light Frame Construction Technology

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ATI Dairy Fund

Fund Number: 309800

Discretionary Funds for Dairy Cattle Production and Management

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ATI Farm Fund

Fund Number: 313267

Funds will be used to purchase or lease machinery, maintenance of farm equipment, and other miscellaneous costs related to the operation of the farm

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ATI Golf Outing Fund

Fund Number: 313143

Used for expenses for Golf outing; remainder will be distributed to scholarships

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ATI Greenhouse Technology Fund

Fund Number: 313184

Funds will be used to support the greenhouse technology at Ohio State ATI Funds may be used for equipment and supplies or program support which may include paying student wages/work study.

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ATI Instructional Technology Endowment Fund

Fund Number: 620150

Established February 2, 2007, with a grant from the U.S. Department of Education; used to enhance academic programs, courses, and initiatives making greater use of instructional technologies at Ohio State ATI.

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The But for Ohio State campaign is a $2.5 billion fundraising endeavor that invites those who believe in Ohio State to invest in our students, our faculty, and our potential.

*Gifts through April 30, 2016


—Tamala Longaberger ’84