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One hundred years ago, a group of forward-thinking central Ohioans recognized the value of integrating medical education with innovative research and scientific-based care. Academic medicine was born. In 1914, The Ohio State University opened our College of Medicine. Led by the area’s best practicing physician-educators, students learned scientific lessons in classrooms and labs. Students then followed their clinical educators into Ohio State’s 21-bed on-campus hospital for training at the patients’ bedsides. These humble beginnings formed the foundation of the College of Medicine’s rich legacy of medical leadership and excellence.

Today, Ohio State’s College of Medicine is a national leader in preparing physicians, scientists, educators, policy leaders and allied health professionals. More than 800 students are working toward MD degrees through our innovative Lead, Serve, Inspire curriculum. Some students combine medical education with a professional degree in health management, law, business or research. Another 800 young physicians from around the world come to Ohio State to complete residency training alongside clinical experts. Through the years, Ohio State’s 21-bed hospital has grown to the inspiring five-hospital Wexner Medical Center, which admitted more than 56,000 patients in FY13, as thousands of other people were cared for in multispecialty outpatient settings.

In 2014, we look back with pride on a century of excellence and achievement, and we look forward united in our singular purpose--to improve people’s lives through advancements in medical education, research and patient care!

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Clinical Excellence and Outreach Fund in Plastic Surgery

Fund Number: 315048

Supports Plastic Surgery initiatives to advance clinical excellence or patient care outreach/delivery programs such as but not limited to: clinical training opportunities; interdisciplinary or intercollegiate collaborations; as well as local, regional or global clinical care efforts or missions for underserved populations or post-catastrophic medical responses in U.S. or foreign countries. Covers costs of registration/conference fees; travel, housing and per diem expenses; technology, supplies, equipment; or other related expenses.

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Digestive Health Community Engagement, Outreach and Disparities Fund

Fund Number: 315019

Supports various digestive health programs and initiatives in Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition for community engagement and outreach; patient education, health awareness and disease prevention; health care delivery disparities with underserved populations; or related program enhancements, etc. Funds may cover OSUWMC-owned equipment, supplies, technology, software/media; personnel; medical research and other activities leading to improved patient care and outreach; as allocated by the program and division directors.

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Dr. Frank and Dr. Victoria Chang Medical Endowed Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 482727

Provides need-based scholarships to medical students. Recipients selected by College Scholarship Committee, in consult with dean and Student Financial Aid. 10% reinvested into endowment principal.

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Joseph and Marcia Newhart Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Core Outcomes Research Fund

Fund Number: 315035

To be used by Sports Medicine Research Institute towards salary support of experienced physical therapy (PT) clinicians, as percent of their FTE covering salary/benefits, to allow protected period to undertake clinical outcomes research under Clinical Outcomes Research Coordinators program; or as funding permits, for related activities for these PT clinicians. Funds shall be allocated by director of Sports Medicine Research Institute in consultation with director of OSU Sports Medicine.

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K. K. and Doris Solacoff Sports Medicine Fund

Fund Number: 315058

For mission of OSU Sports Medicine in research, education, patient care, such as: special initiatives, interdisciplinary/novel medical research, facilities, patient or community outreach, supplies, equipment, personnel, technology, lab space, training.

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Kass Family Alzheimer's Disease Fund

Fund Number: 315092

Supports medical research, education and training or patient care and outreach activities on Alzheimer’s disease or related memory disorders at the Memory Disorders clinic and research center in Department of Neurology, with focus on emerging priorities; breakthrough therapies or procedures; prevention or early diagnosis; critical staffing needs; or other strategic initiatives to help eradicate disease, advance treatments and improve patient outcomes. Funds may be used for supplies, personnel (including social worker staffing), equipment, lab space, technology, educational or other training opportunities and other activities required for high quality medical research and clinical care.

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Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) Support Fund

Fund Number: 315105

Supports Medical Scientist Training Program in College of Medicine towards their mission to enhance training of physician scientists. MSTP provides MD/PhD curriculum in biomedical research and clinical medicine in core areas of Biomedical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering or Neuroscience as well as other PhD opportunities.

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Research Excellence Fund in Plastic Surgery

Fund Number: 315059

Supports clinical, translational and basic medical research or medical research training in Plastic Surgery to help eradicate disease, advance discoveries and improve treatments and patient outcomes. Support may be used for, but not limited to: research supplies, personnel, equipment, lab space; fellowship research awards; technology; cost of travel to, and fees for, educational conferences or other training opportunities; and other activities required for high quality medical research

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Sonography Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 315041

Provides renewable merit or need based scholarships to Sonography students in Division of Radiologic Sciences & Therapy in School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences (HRS).

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Sports Biomechanics Research Fund

Fund Number: 312409

Research on Biomechanics of Sports and Occupational Injuries, Recovery, Performance in Orthopedics; May include but not Limited to: Research Personnel, Supplies, Equipment, Travel, etc

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Surgical Neuro Oncology Research Fund

Fund Number: 315027

This fund will provide support in the areas of clinical, education and research in the area of surgical neuro oncology for the treatment of brain tumors. It will support the mission of advancing the understanding and treatment of brain tumors with goals of improving and extending the lives of those impacted by brain tumor diagnoses. It will provide support for the development of treatment strategies and research related to brain tumors.

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Transplant Sciences Advancement and Education Fund

Fund Number: 305601

To Support The Advancement of Transplant Sciences Program

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Urologic Oncology Research and Program Fund

Fund Number: 315095

Supports programs, research, patient care, education and other initiatives in Urology on malignancies of genitourinary tract for work of Dr. Megan Merrill (or successor) as approved by Dept. chairman.

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The Ohio State Fund for the College of Medicine

Fund Number: 312022

Funds will provide much needed support for medical student scholarships, student/alumni programming and other priorities of the Dean of the College

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College of Medicine Dean's Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 313941

For medical student scholarships based on either financial need or merit as allocated by COM Scholarship Committee in consultation with OSU’s Office of Student Financial Aid; approved by dean in consult with senior vice president for Health Sciences.

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The Ohio State Fund for the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Fund Number: 302431

Provides unrestricted support to the School of Allied Medical Professionals as allocated by the director

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OSU Medical Alumni Society Merit Scholarship Endowment Fund

Fund Number: 645400

Established September 23, 2005, by alumni and friends through The Foundation. Distribution supports merit-based scholarships based on scholastics, leadership, service and life accomplishments. Unused distribution is reinvested to principal.

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The MD/PHD Endowment in the College of Medicine

Fund Number: 604400

Established November 6, 1987, from the estate of Marguerite Kakalecik. Income provides research scholarships.

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"Medicine and the Arts" Endowment at Wexner Medical Center

Fund Number: 482278

For "Medicine and the Arts" program of Humanism in Medicine initiative for visual and performing arts program to OSU Wexner Medical Center and College of Medicine for students, faculty/staff, and patients. This fund is currently a pending endowment, the purpose of which is subject to change until the fund is formally approved as an endowment. Prior to such approval, the pending endowment also may be converted to a current use fund.

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M.D. Camp Initiative Fund in Medicine

Fund Number: 311990

Supports All Activities/Program Expenses Under Special Initiative of M.D. Camp to Include but not Limited to Space Rental, Speakers, Publications or Mailings, Meals/Refreshments, etc

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—Alexandra Haljohn, Class of 2013