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One hundred years ago, a group of forward-thinking central Ohioans recognized the value of integrating medical education with innovative research and scientific-based care. Academic medicine was born. In 1914, The Ohio State University opened our College of Medicine. Led by the area’s best practicing physician-educators, students learned scientific lessons in classrooms and labs. Students then followed their clinical educators into Ohio State’s 21-bed on-campus hospital for training at the patients’ bedsides. These humble beginnings formed the foundation of the College of Medicine’s rich legacy of medical leadership and excellence.

Today, Ohio State’s College of Medicine is a national leader in preparing physicians, scientists, educators, policy leaders and allied health professionals. More than 800 students are working toward MD degrees through our innovative Lead, Serve, Inspire curriculum. Some students combine medical education with a professional degree in health management, law, business or research. Another 800 young physicians from around the world come to Ohio State to complete residency training alongside clinical experts. Through the years, Ohio State’s 21-bed hospital has grown to the inspiring five-hospital Wexner Medical Center, which admitted more than 56,000 patients in FY13, as thousands of other people were cared for in multispecialty outpatient settings.

In 2014, we look back with pride on a century of excellence and achievement, and we look forward united in our singular purpose--to improve people’s lives through advancements in medical education, research and patient care!

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The Ohio State Fund for the College of Medicine

Fund Number: 312022

Funds will provide much needed support for medical student scholarships, student/alumni programming and other priorities of the Dean of the College

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College of Medicine Dean's Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 313941

For medical student scholarships based on either financial need or merit as allocated by COM Scholarship Committee in consultation with OSU’s Office of Student Financial Aid; approved by dean in consult with senior vice president for Health Sciences.

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The Ohio State Fund for the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Fund Number: 302431

Provides unrestricted support to the School of Allied Medical Professionals as allocated by the director

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OSU Medical Alumni Society Merit Scholarship Endowment Fund

Fund Number: 645400

Established September 23, 2005, by alumni and friends through The Foundation. Distribution supports merit-based scholarships based on scholastics, leadership, service and life accomplishments. Unused distribution is reinvested to principal.

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The MD/PHD Endowment in the College of Medicine

Fund Number: 604400

Established November 6, 1987, from the estate of Marguerite Kakalecik. Income provides research scholarships.

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"Medicine and the Arts" Endowment at Wexner Medical Center

Fund Number: 482278

For "Medicine and the Arts" program of Humanism in Medicine initiative for visual and performing arts program to OSU Wexner Medical Center and College of Medicine for students, faculty/staff, and patients. This fund is currently a pending endowment, the purpose of which is subject to change until the fund is formally approved as an endowment. Prior to such approval, the pending endowment also may be converted to a current use fund.

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College of Medicine White Coat Program

Fund Number: 313458

Supports 'White Coat' ceremony program and provides partial scholarships to medical students.

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Medpath Program Fund

Fund Number: 303070

To Support Ongoing Programs of Medpath to Include Baccalaureate Programs; Special Retention, Recruitment Community Outreach Services; Career Change Options

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Clinical Skills Education and Assessment Center Expansion Fund

Fund Number: 313655

Supports planning and construction of Clinical Skills Education and Assesement Center on the 6th floor of John A. Prior Health Sciences Library facility

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The OSU Ultrasound Academy Fund

Fund Number: 647396

Established September 18, 2009 with gifts from David P. Bahner and others; used to provide ultrasound education, mentorship and training under the Ultrasound Academy at the OSU Clinical Skills Education and Assessment Center.

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"Steps for Sarcoma Walk/Run" Fund

Fund Number: 314006

To benefit medical research on Orthopaedic sarcoma diseases with limited portion (Sponsorship gifts) toward costs of annual Run/Walk.

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A Miracle for Madison Fund for SMA Research at OSU

Fund Number: 301554

Current Support of SMA Research

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Abdominal Research and Imaging Fund

Fund Number: 310288

Support of Clinical Research Studies and Associated Expenses for Abdominal Research and Imaging

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Academic Advancement Fund for Women in Medicine & Science (WIMS)

Fund Number: 315293

Supports Women in Medicine & Science (WIMS) program initiatives in the Center for Faculty Advancement, Mentoring and Engagement (FAME) to advance the full and successful inclusion of women within academic medicine, including but not limited to increasing the presence of women faculty as leaders in medicine and science within the College of Medicine, whether as educators, scientists and clinicians in academic or scientific centers, global initiatives, and community practices. Funds may be used for, but not limited to: speaker fees, travel costs, programming and conference for women faculty, networking events, research-related projects to measure faculty advancement, mentoring for women faculty and awards pertaining to the support and advancement of women faculty in the College of Medicine.

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Academic Excellence Fund in Plastic Surgery

Fund Number: 301744

For support of academic programs in the Department of Plastic Surgery by enabling professional activities essential to grow the knowledge, skills, experience, and reputation of medical students, residents, fellows and full-time faculty members.

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Advanced Biomedical Imaging Fund

Fund Number: 301366

Supports the operations of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Facility

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African-American with Diabetes Research and Education Fund

Fund Number: 310950

Supports Education and Advancement of Basic/Clinical Research Specific to Diabetes in African American Population Includes but not Limited to Research Equipment, Personnel, Supplies

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Aggression Research and Program Fund in Neurosciences

Fund Number: 313701

For basic/translational research and programs in Neuroscience on agression like not limited to:supplies, training, equipment, conferences, publications, education, etc; approved by chairman

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AIDS Education Fund

Fund Number: 308577

Cover Miscellaneous Academic/Educational Expenses Related to New AIDS Program of The Division of Infectious Diseases Also Supports Patient and Community Education Efforts on AIDS

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Aids Research Fund

Fund Number: 306363

To Support Aids Research

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The But for Ohio State campaign is a $2.5 billion fundraising endeavor that invites those who believe in Ohio State to invest in our students, our faculty, and our potential.

*Gifts through April 30, 2016


—Scott Zedeker ’96