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College of Optometry

One of the seven colleges that comprise the university's health sciences complex system, the College of Optometry is a leader in optometric education in the United States and offers the only optometry program in Ohio. It is the oldest university-based optometry program in the nation and was the first public university program to grant the Doctor of Optometry degree. Students learn directly from faculty members who are recognized internationally for their academic credentials, real-life experience, and cutting-edge research. Optometry students also gain valuable direct patient care experience in all aspects of optometric practice through clinical work with more than 55,000 patients each year, 22,000 of them in our on-campus clinic alone. As a result, graduates of the program are known for their broad clinical science knowledge and their extensive experience with patient care, and consistently achieve scores exceeding the national average in all 10 sections of the basic and clinical science examinations of the National Board of Examiners in Optometry.

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The Ohio State Fund for the College of Optometry

Fund Number: 309284

Discretionary Funds to be used as Determined by the Dean of the College of Optometry

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Optometry General Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 305941

Awarded to Optometry Student; selection of the Scholarship Recipient will be made by The Financial Aid Coordinator and The Admissions Committee

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The Hazael Edward Welton Endowment Fund

Fund Number: 607665

Established May 4, 1989, by Hazael Welton. Income provides scholarships for African-American and Hispanic students, with preference to Ohio residents.

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Faith Mission Optometry Clinic Support

Fund Number: 312569

To support the College of Optometry's Outreach clinic at Faith Mission.

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Children's Vision Fund

Fund Number: 305847

To Provide Vision and Eye Care Services to the Underprivileged Population, Especially Children

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The Sarah Schoessler Endowed Fund in Optometry

Fund Number: 646402

Established February 6, 2004, by John P. and Jane A. Schoessler, family, friends and colleagues through The Foundation. Income advances the eye care needs of children with disabilities based on need.

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Optometry Faculty Recruitment & Retention

Fund Number: 312568

To be used to assist in the recruitment and retention of the most outstanding faculty possible for the College of Optometry, used to host faculty for interviews, or assist moving expenses

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Christopher O'Brien Fund in the College of Optometry

Fund Number: 315065

Supports either the naming of a room in the optometry pre-clinic or create an endowed scholarship fund depending on the amount of support.

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The Rick Cornett Endowed Scholarship in Optometry

Fund Number: 482751

Provides a scholarship to a third or fourth year student enrolled in the College of Optometry who exhibits leadership and legislative potential. The purpose of this pending endowment is subject to change until the fund is formally approved as an endowment. Prior to formal approval, the pending endowment may be converted to a current-use fund.

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College of Optometry Facilities Building and Renovation Fund

Fund Number: 314495

Used for the renovation costs of the optometry pre-clinic and other general facility needs, including the purchase of equipment, furniture and necessary items to provide a proper optometric educational experience.

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College of Optometry Minority Recruitment & Retention Fund

Fund Number: 309951

Generate an Educational Program and Pathway for Disadvantaged Students with Interest in a Career in Optometry

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College of Optometry Vision Research Fund

Fund Number: 314280

Discretionary funds to be used for vision research at the College of Optometry.

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Donald Mutti Faculty Research

Fund Number: 313234

To provide research funds for faculty

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Dr. Roanne Flom Discretionary Fund

Fund Number: 313435

To forward the needs of the low vision department at the discretion of Dr. Roanne Flom

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Earley-Vision Research

Fund Number: 308657

Discretionary Account for Dr. Earley Name and Purpose Change 6/98

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Glenn A. Fry Fund

Fund Number: 602341

Established July 14, 1961, by friends and colleagues to honor Dr. Fry for 25 years of outstanding service, including 10 years as the School of Optometry director. Income supports optometric education.

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H. Ward Ewalt and Jane S. Ewalt Permanent Endowment Fund

Fund Number: 602075

Established April 1, 1977, by Henry W. Ewalt in honor of his parents. Income is used in the field of children's vision, including improving diagnostic techniques, refining and developing vision training and research to improve care.

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Harry and Ethel Brakeman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 303679

For Awards for Optometry Students

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IDOC Diversity Enhancement Program

Fund Number: 313442

To fund annual I-DOC(Increasing Diversity in Optometric Careers) program at the College of Optometry

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Kulp-Children's Vision and Binocular Vision

Fund Number: 305848

To do Research in Children's Vision and Binocular Vision

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—Kristin Ann Miller