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College of Pharmacy

The College of Pharmacy has been a leader in pharmacy education since its establishment in 1885. Consistently ranked as one of the best pharmacy schools in the country, the college offers high quality programs at the undergraduate, graduate professional, graduate research, and postdoctoral levels. As one of the six colleges that comprise the university's health sciences complex, students constantly learn from and interact with an interdisciplinary team of faculty and health care professionals while having access to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and one of the most comprehensive health science centers in the country.

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The Ohio State Fund for the College of Pharmacy

Fund Number: 301069

Unrestricted fund to meet the highest priorites of The College of Pharmacy as determined by the Dean.

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College of Pharmacy General Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 312755

To support the general scholarship fund or College of Pharmacy.

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The Dr Roy C. Darlington Legends of Pharmacy Graduate Endowed Fund

Fund Number: 641565

Established November 3, 2000, by family, friends and former students of the late Dr. Darlington, through The Foundation. Income supports College graduate students with preference to African-Americans.

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The John W. Nelson & Arthur Tye Graduate Endowed Fund in Pharmacology

Fund Number: 647388

Established July 10, 1998, by alumni, former students, and friends of Professor Nelson and the late Professor Tye through The Foundation. Income supports a stipend for a graduate enrolled in Pharmacology.

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George Beecher Kauffman Memorial Fund

Fund Number: 603563

Established February 12, 1960, by The Kauffman-Lattimer Company in his memory. Income encourages and assists worthy students in need to study pharmacy by providing Dean George Beecher Kauffman Scholarships.

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The Frank W. Bope Legends of Pharmacy Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 600605

Established June 1, 2001, by pharmacy alumni, friends, colleagues, industrial partners, corporate foundations, private foundations and family members. Income provides merit scholarships to qualified professional students with good character.

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The College of Pharmacy Alumni Society Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 625717

Established July 7, 2006, by the Alumni Society. Distribution provides a scholarship for an incoming second, third, or fourth-year Pharm.D. student in good academic standing who participates in the college's student organizations. The scholarship is awa rded to a different student each year with need who exhibits potential for success. Unused distribution is reinvested to principal.

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Pharmaceutics Research/Education Fund

Fund Number: 307064

To Support Various Education/Research Projects of The Division of Pharmaceutics

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The Albert H. Soloway Graduate Endowed Fund in Pharmacy and Cancer Research

Fund Number: 646817

Established October 2, 1998, from friends and colleagues of Dr. Soloway, dean and professor emeritus. Income supports an award to a graduate engaged in cancer research in the Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy.

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50th Anniversary Hospital Pharmacy Residency Fund

Fund Number: 312876

Support hospital pharmacy residence travel to professional development activities

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Alpha Zeta Omega Henry E. Agin Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 660061

Established December 8, 2006, by Alpha Zeta Omega Fraternity, Theta Chapter in his honor through The Foundation. Distribution provides a need-based scholarship for a full-time PharmD student in good standing with a 3.0 or higher GPA from Northeast Ohio counties (east to Pennsylvania, south to Mansfield, and west to Sandusky). Unused distribution is reinvested to principal.

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Ambulatory and Community Care Pharmacy Practice Residency Program

Fund Number: 309338

To Provide Educational Resources Residents and Residency Preceptors

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American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists

Fund Number: 310128

Award to Recognize Outstanding New Investigators

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American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education Fellowship Fund

Fund Number: 304461

Income is to Support the Fellowship

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Ann & Barry Klein College of Pharmacy - Commitment to Community Endowed Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 482554

Provide renewable scholarship(s) for student(s) enrolled in the College of Pharmacy, who have unmet demonstrated financial need. with preference given to students who participate in community service. The purpose of this pending endowment is subject to change until the fund is formally approved as an endowment. Prior to formal approval, the pending endowment may be converted to a current-use fund.

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APCO Scholarship Supplement Current Use

Fund Number: 312454

APCO Current use Scholarship Fund

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Assessment and Outcomes Fund

Fund Number: 312677

for Outcomes and Assessment research in the College of Pharmacy

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Benjamin Balshone/Board of Pharmacy History Project

Fund Number: 309730

Collect Contributions/Coordinate Project to Publish History of The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy

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Bergen Brunswig Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 600910

Established February 3, 1984, by the Bergen Brunswig Corporation. Income provides scholarships for students exhibiting active participation in student activities, dedication to professional goals and high academic performance.

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BNCT Symposium

Fund Number: 309465

Receive Gift Funds to Support BNCT Symposium Sept 1992

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—Leslie Wexner ’59