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College of Social Work

Accredited in 1919, The Ohio State University College of Social Work is the country's oldest continuously accredited public social work program and is consistently rated as one of the best in the United States. The college is an integral partner with the State of Ohio and the nation, sharing its expertise in collaborative efforts to ameliorate and resolve an extensive array of contemporary social problems. Through its BSSW, MSW, and PhD degree programs, the college enables students to experience and explore the knowledge, values, and skills required for professional social work practice and research.

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The Ohio State Fund for the College of Social Work

Fund Number: 305446

Supports priorities of the College, including technology augmentation, student support, emerging programs such as gerontological social work, among others

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Alumni Scholarship Fund-The College of Social Work

Fund Number: 600043

Established September 6, 1985, by the College Alumni Association. Income provides scholarships to approved candidates for a bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree based on need with consideration of academic ability.

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Social Work Students First

Fund Number: 312958

Support students in the College of Social Work who are experiencing acute financial need

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The Anne Hayes Memorial Scholarship for Academic Excellence Fund

Fund Number: 643027

Established May 7,1999, through The Foundation by the Honorable Steven Hayes in memory of his mother and her personal commitment to community caring. Income is awarded bi-annually to students demonstrating academic excellence in the College. Unused income is reinvested to principal.

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Students First Study Abroad Support for Students in the College of Social Work

Fund Number: 312957

Support students in College of Social Work participating in one of the College's summer study abroad program

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LiFEsports Comprehensive Youth Development Initiative

Fund Number: 313428

Supports research agenda of College of Social Work arising from LiFEsports. Used to further objectives of service, outreach, teaching and learning, and translational research

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The Dean's Advocacy Fund at the College of Social Work

Fund Number: 315167

Supports the College's efforts to participate in events around current issues affecting our society.

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School of Social Administration - Student Aid Fund

Fund Number: 301163

Emergency Fund generally used for Student Aid/Scholarship Support when Nothing else is Available

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The Ohio State University Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery (HECAOD) Unrestricted Support Fund

Fund Number: 314854

Follow grant reporting guidelines required by the Hilton Foundation.

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Technology Enhancement Fund at the College of Social Work

Fund Number: 311913

Funds will be used for the Growth of Technology in the College of Social Work Including but Not Limited to Computers and Their Peripherals, Audio/Visual Equipment, Etc.

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Anna Marie Malia Robinson Endowed Scholarship Fund for Mental Health Research

Fund Number: 666100

Established February 4, 2005, by Anna Marie Robinson in honor of Tony Tripodi through The Foundation. Distribution supports a doctoral student researching severe mental disabilities with preference to research in bipolar disorder. Recipients have achiev ed a high GPA and have acquired life experience and/or skill in severe mental disabilities, bipolar disorder if possible, beyond traditional academic training. The award is research-focused and recipients are encouraged to submit their results for public ation in an academic journal. Unused income is reinvested to principal.

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Cardinal Health Health Weight Initiative

Fund Number: 314445

This fund supports the work of the Community and Youth Collaborative Institute in examining the impact of Cardinal Health’s 0-5 Healthy Weight Initiative.

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David and Gail Neustadt Fund

Fund Number: 313518

For students in the College of Social Work who are interested in spousal caregiving

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David Moots Memorial Scholarship

Fund Number: 313433

Used to support a student or students in the College of Social Work with an academic interest in substance abuse

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Dr. Amy Riemenschneider Scholarship in School of Social Work

Fund Number: 310535

Honor the Retirement of Dr. Riemenschneider from Faculty of The College of Social Work

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Dr. Carol J. Greco Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 312599

To support a student in the College of Social Work pursuing a pursuing a Master degree. Preference will be given to a student with an interest and/or field placement in a medical setting

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Dr. Carol J. Greco-Delaney Endowed Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 642709

Established October 28, 2009 with gifts from Rick A. Delaney in honor of Dr. Carol J. Greco-Delaney, her parents – Gene and Jean Greco, and all families who continue to give and receive care during a time of challenge and celebration; used to support a student enrolled in the College of Social Work who is pursuing a Masters degree with first preference given to a student with a defined interest and/or field placement in a gerontological medical setting, focused on patient care and/or caregiver training; secondary preference will be given to a student with an interest and/or field placement in a gerontological “non-medical” setting, focused on patient care and/or caregiver training..

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Dr. Joseph John Parnicky Scholarship for MRDD or Mental Health

Fund Number: 312436

For 10 to 12 Students over 2 to 3 Years Timeframe to Make Financial Awards Around $2000 per Student, Preference Undergrad or Grad with Financial Need and Focus on Mental Retardation

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Edwin Sharp Burdell Memorial Fund

Fund Number: 600960

Established June 12, 1969, by Dr. Burdell. Income encourages and recognizes outstanding scholars in the graduating classes through a cash prize or through the purchase of a book or other items providing appropriate recognition.

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Emerson and Miriam Wollam Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 607778

Established September 5, 1986 with gifts from Robert Wollam, Kristin Goodwillie, Gretchen O’Connor, and Karen Sewell, in honor of their father, Emerson Wollam and in memory of their mother, Miriam Wollam; used to provide scholarship support to a graduate student/s currently enrolled in the College of Social Work with a minimum 2.5 grade point average who demonstrated financial need, and with special consideration given to international students. Additional gifts were received from Dr. Tzu Fann Shao and Dr. Y. C. L. Susan Wu and the description was revised September 19, 2008.

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—Scott Zedeker ’96