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The Mansfield campus of The Ohio State University offers many resources and opportunities that one would expect from one of America’s great research universities. Students can earn a degree in select majors, including an Associate of Arts; a bachelor’s degree in business, early and middle childhood education, English, history, and psychology; and a master’s degree in early and middle childhood education and social work; or begin an undergraduate program in any one of the more than 170 majors offered by the university. Best of all, classes average 22 students and are taught by award-winning and highly credentialed faculty committed to teaching students. The Mansfield Campus offers students events and social activities like concerts, comedians, and competitive team sports. Valuable leadership experiences like serving as a Buckeye Ambassador, performing in theatre or music productions, and participating in campus organizations add to the Mansfield Campus experience.

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The Ohio State Fund for the Mansfield Campus

Fund Number: 302990

Provides the dean with discretionary dollars for extraordinary projects not funded by the general operating budget

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OSU Mansfield Campus Recreation Center Fund

Fund Number: 312001

Supports Campus Recreation Center initiatives

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OSU Mansfield Student Life Support Fund

Fund Number: 313112

Provides support for the enhancment of student life facilities, programming, student clubs, and projects at the discretion of the Chief Student Life Officer

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OSU Mansfield Student, Family, & School Engagement Fund

Fund Number: 313855

Provides support for staffing, teacher training, campus visits, and other initiatives which raise aspirations for higher education in area youth, at the discretion of the OSU Mansfield Dean and Director.

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Ohio State Mansfield Academic Excellence

Fund Number: 313983

Provides support for new and existing programs that enhance Mansfield Campus Academic Excellence while also enriching local economic development opportunities with community and business partners.

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OSU Mansfield Diversity Fund

Fund Number: 313693

Support for the enhancement of multicultural affairs facilities, programming, student clubs, and projects at discretion of OSU Mansfield

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OSU Mansfield Business Internship

Fund Number: 314107

Provides support for Career Services initiatives, with first preference to student internships at local for-profit businesses as determined by a campus committee of staff, faculty, and community leaders.

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OSU Mansfield Erasmus Study Abroad Scholarship

Fund Number: 313774

Provide support for Study Abroad initiatives, including but not limited to annual student grants awarded by an OSU Mansfield faculty and staff committee

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Haiti Empowerment Project

Fund Number: 313353

Income supports Haiti Empowerment Project initiatives, including but not limited to faculty, staff, and student travel, supplies, and equipment, which focus on a variety of Haitian field projects.

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Ohio State Mansfield Student Emergency Aid Fund

Fund Number: 314775

Provides emergency support for students struggling to continue their education, as determined by a campus committee.

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Ohio State Mansfield Board Leadership Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 644465

Established June 22,2012, with an initial gift from Christ J. Ticoras of Mansfield, Ohio and additional gifts from current and past members of the Ohio State Mansfield Board; used for scholarships to continuing undergraduate and graduate students of The Ohio State University at Mansfield, based on campus and community service. Revised November 8,2013.

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Ohio State Mansfield Tyger Scholarship

Fund Number: 313982

Renewable scholarships for students graduating from Mansfield Senior High School.

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Copperweld Corporation Shelby Division Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 601446

Established May 5, 1995, from Copperweld Corporation-Shelby Division of Shelby, Ohio. Income provides scholarships to students attending the Mansfield campus.

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Galion Scholarship Fund at OSU Mansfield

Fund Number: 602406

Established July 7, 1995, through a campaign sponsored by the Galion Area Betterment Commission. Income provides scholarships to Galion High School graduates attending the Mansfield campus.

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Mohican Area - OSU Mansfield Education Endowment Fund

Fund Number: 605018

Established September 23, 2005, by Loudonville community leaders. Distribution provides scholarships to Mansfield campus students who are Loudonville High School graduates or live in the Loudonville area. Unused distribution is reinvested to principal.

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Richland County Ohio State University Alumni Club the Ohio State University at Mansfield Scholarship Endowment Fund

Fund Number: 606079

Established June 5, 1987, by the Richland County University Alumni Club. A minimum of ninety-five percent of income provides scholarships given under the criteria established. No scholarship shall be less than fifty percent of tuition, at the time of the award, for a full academic year.

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The Joseph and Carrol Keifer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 663885

Established December 6, 2007 with gifts from Sue Keifer, Barbara Hagen, and Dan Keifer; used to provide at least one scholarship with first preference for a student attending the Mansfield Campus on a full-time basis who has graduated for a Richland County Ohio high school and has demonstrated financial need; second preference for any student enrolled full-time at the Mansfield Campus who has demonstrated financial need.

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John O. Riedl Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 646084

Established June 22, 2012 with a gift from John and Mary Riedl; used to provide scholarships for students beginning at The Ohio State University at Mansfield to pursue a degree in physical science, mathematics, or engineering.

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David M. Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 606429

Established October 7, 1994, by the Mansfield community. Income provides scholarships for science/engineering students enrolled at the Mansfield campus.

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Geography & Environmental Sciences Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 312867

Renewable scholarships of up to $1000 awarded each year to new and continuing pursuing a geography or environmental sciences-related major

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The But for Ohio State campaign is a $2.5 billion fundraising endeavor that invites those who believe in Ohio State to invest in our students, our faculty, and our potential.

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—Rolinda Barnett Schneiderman ’55