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At Ohio State Newark, nearly 2,500 students enjoy all of the advantages of a small college setting on the 165-acre campus while being supported by the resources of a large, world-class university. Known for teaching excellence, with nearly 100 percent of the faculty having doctoral degrees and with an average class size of 25, the Newark campus offers students a distinctly personalized experience. Students can attend classes full or part-time, during the day, or in the evenings. Bachelor’s degrees may be completed in early/middle childhood education, general business, English, history, and psychology; and master’s degree programs may be completed in education. Students may also begin their general studies at Ohio State Newark, and then later apply for admission into the specific program at the Columbus campus. The Newark Campus offers just as many opportunities outside the classroom as it does inside the classroom. Students can get involved in several academic and social organizations, student government, cultural events, and intramural and intercollegiate sports.

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The Ohio State Fund for the Newark Campus

Fund Number: 308118

Discretionary Expenditures as Specified by Dean and/or Director

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Newark Campus Scholarship Endowment Fund

Fund Number: 605157

Established December 14, 1967, by friends of the University. Income provides scholarships for students attending the Newark campus.

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The Ohio State University at Newark Appalachian Scholarship

Fund Number: 313012

Scholarship for students attending OSU Newark, from the following counties: Coshocton, Knox, Muskingum, and Perry. Based on financial and academic success and volunteerism

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The OSU Newark Faculty and Staff Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 625450

Established February 1, 2006, by faculty and staff at the Newark campus. Distribution provides scholarships for partners, children, and grandchildren of Ohio StateNewark permanent tenured and tenure track faculty, staff, and cost-shared staff. If no app licants meet criteria, scholarships are awarded based on merit and need.

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OSU Newark Faculty Research Fund

Fund Number: 310802

Funds will be used to Support Faculty Research as Allocated by the OSU Faculty Standards Committe

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Newark Earthworks Center Fund

Fund Number: 312400

Support programming and staff at the Newark Earthworks Center of The Ohio State University at Newark

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Betty J. Krebs Memorial Fund

Fund Number: 603818

Established June 14, 1974, by G. Alfred Krebs, Sr. in memory of his wife. Income provides a scholarship for a student at the Newark campus.

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Biology Student Research Support Fund

Fund Number: 313348

To support students who are working with Dr. J. Andrew Roberts on research projects in the biology department

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Douglas M. Pittman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 605806

Established July 9, 1993, by his parents, Earl and Loretta Pittman, and friends. Income provides scholarships for undergraduates attending, in order of preference, the Newark or Columbus campuses. Awards are also given to members of the current graduatin g class of Heath High School who plan to major in engineering and demonstrate academic promise and leadership abilities.

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Dr Lillabelle Holt Memorial Scholarship

Fund Number: 313315

Support scholarship on the Newark Campus offered through the education department

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Faculty Research Assistant Program

Fund Number: 308661

Students will be Paid Hourly for Completing Research Assignments with OSU Faculty Members

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Gail M. Blakeley, Jr., Memorial Scholarship

Fund Number: 600583

Established November 14, 1968, by Mrs. Constance C. Blakeley in memory of her son. Income provides a scholarship or grant-in-aid to a Licking County male enrolled on the Newark campus.

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Jim and Millie Donahue First Generation Scholarship

Fund Number: 314880

This fund is honoring the parents of Ann Donahue, long time Director of Admissions at The Ohio State University at Newark. The fund will support annual scholarship award(s) for first generation college students attending Ohio State Newark.

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John D. and Ernestine Spencer Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 606866

Established October 7, 1988, by Ernestine Spencer. Income provides scholarships for recent graduates of Licking County schools majoring in journalism, education or political science at the Newark campus. Preference is given to candidates demonstrating ac ademic ability and need.

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Newark Campus Endowment Fund

Fund Number: 605155

Established February 1, 1980, by Bennie E. Hill and Lee P. Tippett. Income is deposited in the Director's Discretionary Fund, Newark campus.

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Newark Campus Scholarship Fund

Fund Number: 301156

To Support Scholarships at the Newark Campus

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Newark Rotary Club Scholarship

Fund Number: 308662

To Provide Annual Scholarships for Students to Attend The Ohio State University at Newark

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Outstanding Newark Psychology Student Award Fund

Fund Number: 646496

Established July 9, 2004 with gifts from the estate of Ruth Scott and Dr. Sara Staats; used to provide a student award to an OSU-Newark psychology student based on research achievements such as publications in peer reviewed articles, presentations at national, regional Established July 9, 2004 with gifts from the estate of Ruth Scott and Dr. Sara Staats; used to provide a student award to an OSU-Newark psychology student based on research achievements such as publications in peer reviewed articles, presentations at national, regional

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Robert and Jean Battat OSU At Newark Scholarships

Fund Number: 308452

$1000 Scholarship Funds for OSU Newark Students

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The Colonel Girard E. Besanceney Endowed Fund

Fund Number: 480602

Used as an Unrestricted Fund at the Discretion of the Dean of The Ohio State University at Newark. This fund is currently a pending endowment, the purpose of which is subject to change until the fund is formally approved as an endowment. Prior to such approval, the pending endowment also may be converted to a current use fund.

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—Dennis and Libby Holt ’73 and ’72